Elders hounding members to quit their jobs due to missing too many meetings

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  • hoser

    There are a lot of witnesses with taker type personalities. They’re born that way. You’ve done the best thing by looking out for yourself.

    Also many have been victims of the jw system and it’s too late for them now. I have relatives like that. They are 60 years old still trying to make it with little education with “privileges” and “responsibilities” in the congregation. It costs money to be an elder and pioneer. I see it as their cost to remain a member of the club.

  • LongHairGal


    Thanks. I actually have two JW friends who privately told me I did the right thing by looking out for myself. I have No regrets there.

    As far as Witnesses with taker type personalities: you are right but I came to believe that even if these people weren’t ‘Users/Takers’ when they joined - they learned HOW to become very adept users because of the ‘culture’ there. It’s very shameful. It made me sad when some JWs I liked were ‘used’ by some of the snakes there.

    The religion is really a hostile environment if you think about it. Can’t trust anybody, have to be guarded in what you say and do, etc.. I certainly don’t miss any of it.

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