Elders hounding members to quit their jobs due to missing too many meetings

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    How many times did you see Elders hounding congregation members to quit their jobs due to missing meetings?

    My brother worked at a grocery store at 16 years old. He would miss Tuesday's ministry school due to his work schedule. The Elders had a talk with my mom. They felt that since he was still living at home, and didn't need to support himself, he should quit his job. My mom made my brother quit his job.

    One brother was always being pressured to quit his 2nd shift factory job because he missed too many meetings. This brother had no high school education. His employer liked him so much, they paid his way to a trade school to become a welder. He was being paid over $30 an hour with plenty of overtime. He never quit his job, even with the pressure and hounding of the Elders.

    Another brother ( a ministerial servant) worked in construction, and would miss meetings due to working late. His employer wouldn't let him leave early on meeting nights. The Elders threatened to remove him as a ministerial servant if he kept on missing meetings. He finally quit his job due to the threat. Luckily, his wife worked to help support the family. It took months before he found another job.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Half the elders are in a position to not worry. The others are lazy

    I never had overtime that wasnt for jobs that had to be done. A CO had a fit over it once, last time I ever gave a golden handshake.

    There are experiences where someone got fired for going to assembly. Every one I had any insight on were poor employees to start with.

  • mickbobcat

    The hole lot of elders, MS and GB are total ass hat idiots. They don't think about reality they live in a bubble and love being little tin pot dictators. Fem

  • just fine
    just fine

    After being out as long as I have been, I can’t imagine a scenario where I would allow anyone to have that much influence on my life.

    It astounds me that people become so brainwashed that they allow outside persons to tell them who they can talk to, what jobs they can take, what movies they watch, who they be friends with etc.

  • LongHairGal


    In my case, I didn’t have to miss meetings back in the day to be told I should quit my full-time job. But, I ignored these meddling hypocrites..Thankfully, I worked until Retirement.

    I commend the second individual you mention for NOT quitting his job either. He gets a star from me. Thankfully for him, common sense prevailed. Here he was somebody with NO education (who could have ended up on the street begging)..in an enviable situation to be put through school to enable him to get a trade so he could put food in his mouth!!….But, yet these sick hypocrites in the religion were trying to get him to harm himself for the rest of his life by giving up an opportunity he would be insane to pass up!!!

    I had noticed just about all the older Witnesses telling me to quit my job were either well established in the workforce or already collecting their pensions! But yet these hypocrites had the balls to promote poverty for some younger person. There is no forgiveness for them, in my book.

    There are a myriad of reasons I’m glad to no longer be in the JW religion. But, there is no way I would ever tolerate anybody coming up to ME to ask for money after what I was put through. People there who either never wanted to work OR were gullible enough to fall for the con about quitting their jobs are going to have to ask brothers with businesses for a job. I wouldn’t want them even looking in my direction!

  • Overrated

    I was living back home with my parents and working p/t working to go to college for a higher paying position in the company. A " brother" who got me the job cried to the elders like alittle bitch that I was missing meetings and field circus. Yet, there is a two local needs parts at the meets directed personality at me to work and support my family and attend meetings and field circus. This just bullshit! The elders went to my dad and bitched to him. My dad gave gave me an ultimatum to quit going to college and go to meetings or move out. I told my dad how ridiculous it was and said I'll move out within a month which I did. Since then, he as called me to " return to Gee-hober " and move back in. He misses that rent money. I don't return his calls, he can have the members of his cong help him. Screw them all!

    I had noticed just about all the older Witnesses telling me to quit my job were either well established in the workforce or already collecting their pensions! But yet these hypocrites had the balls to promote poverty for some younger person. There is no forgiveness for them, in my book.

    My congregation had two Elders who ran a construction company. They would buy lots in the North Shore of Illinois and build homes from $400,000 and up. They had sub-contractors for most of their work. They would leave early on meeting days, take time off for assemblies, and even had the time to pioneer several times a year. They both had money, owned time shares and dressed in expensive suits.

    It was painful to watch these asshole Elders harass and hound the welder to quit his job ( who knew he was lucky to have a job that paid well). The welder retired years ago with a good pension.

  • LongHairGal


    I’m happy for that welder. God bless him.

    Words cannot describe my hatred for these other JW elders with their hypocrisy that can ruin other people’s lives!

    But, yet there is no accountability in this sick religion. It’s nothing but chaos. They should have a sign on the door saying ‘Let the Buyer Beware’….Thankfully, I didn’t buy their shit and wouldn’t be Retired if I did. They can rot.

    The damage to people just goes on and on and it’s hit and miss depending on who you are and how gullible or subject to emotional blackmail. The perpetrators just go on to live a cushy life until they die; the gullible victims lead a life of poverty and hardship. The worst part is they suffer in silence because they supposedly ‘don’t want to bring reproach on Jehovah’. Yeah, we all heard that mantra. Of course ‘Jehovah’ is the whole organization of chaos of changing teachings somebody would have to be nuts to base life-altering decisions on.

    Just Glad I’m Out of there.

    But, yet there is no accountability in this sick religion. It’s nothing but chaos.

    After 40 years in, I witnessed all the drama, backstabbing, rumors, divorces, cheating, a physical fight inside the Kingdom Hall, spankings of small children where no one said a word, members who would change congregations due to conflicts with Elders, heated words on the podium from one Elder to another Elder, spousal abuse, disfellowshipping, brothers who were contractors who were shady even to fellow members, Elders who favored family when it came down to appointments for Ministerial Servants and new Elders, loans that were never paid to fellow members ...where Elders were called to step in, Elder wives blabbering everything they knew that was happening in the congregation, members who took and sold drugs, and alcoholics.

  • GrreatTeacher

    I remember some of this crap from back in the 80s.

    My father rarely had to work overtime, but there were occasions, such as a plant shutdown, when he absolutely had to work.

    If they're shutting down the entire place so some necessary work could be done, they wanted workers there 24/7 for that week or two because they weren't making money during the shutdown and wanted to get things back up and running again as soon as possible.

    Thankfully my dad was a team player and would help out when absolutely necessary.

    He did turn down some voluntary overtime though.

    That was when there were 2 midweek meetings. Now, when there is only one, it sounds really petty for the elders to have an issue with missing one hour (or however long the meeting is now) a week to keep decent employment.

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