Honest Questions About Child Abuse

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  • AmIright

    there are no laws for the rich. corrupts is ripe in all countries. youd be amazed what happens when a brown envelope is passed around.

    money may not be the key happiness.... but it sure as hell is a catalyst in healing + doing what makes you happy

    flipper 7 hours ago
    Richard, to actually move on, one would work through the state of denial - and admit just how bad the Watchtower organization is. That you were a part of and supported it maybe for years. Not easy.
    With just a little research you will find it very similar to other destructive cults - kind of like Scientology on tranquilizers. Human beings have been attracted to cults since the dawn of time, it seems. And have escaped.
    Many here have moved on quite nicely in their personal lives. They come here to support others who are coming out and going through the trauma of being shunned, and of having been duped. There are some wonderful friendships that have been formed here - some (about 40 this year) travel long distances to meet every summer for a campout. All of them are kind, honest and great friends.
    Another reason to come here is to educate jw lurkers and current members about how dishonest, heartless and destructive the watchtower is.
    Some posters showed up here suicidal and have made it through to a good free life.
    If that's not for you, good luck on your journey. Some here will be very blunt because there is really not time to waste being polite about the watchtower. You are welcome here - if you can take some heat in disagreement. This thread you started has been a good one.
    Mrs. Flipper


    More than the catholic church hid it, you forget the protestant churches only it didn't make world wide headlines, church of England was found to have hid it recently. all religions do it......AmIright


    How about McDonalds?..

    McDonalds is much more famous than the WatchTower..

    There must be a few pedophiles flipping burgers..

    You could take the focus off the Watchtower with news like that!..


    Are all WBT$/JW Apologists complete friggin Idiots?..Or..

    Are there a few pieces missing?..

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    Just because you recognize a matter, no matter how bad it is, is a complex issue that will require a complex solution doesn't mean you are trying to distract from something. There is a huge issue with people overdosing on opioids, with many contributing factors. Just because people try and attack an issue from many different sides doesn't mean that they are distracting from from other causes.


    Just because you recognize a matter, no matter how bad it is, is a complex issue that will require a complex solution doesn't mean you are trying to distract from something. There is a huge issue with people overdosing on opioids, with many contributing factors.....RO


    Some People Have Hemorrhoids!..

    I`m sure you could work that into a conversation..

    About the WBT$/JW Pedophile Problem..

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    Yes outlaw how dare I show an analogy with the use of another complex situation. Oh wait you can't think of complex situations because your brain can't comprehend those types. Everything is one cause and therefore one solution.

  • OrphanCrow

    Richard, you said "I have also researched this issue with actual reviews of briefs, decisions on summary judgments and other legal proceedings."

    Have you researched these documents? Any of them at all?


    Or are you a one-sided wonder who doesn't bother to find out how complex this issue really is?

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    Yes I have read the ARC report. And when I do research I go on westlaw or lexisnexis and search watchtower and read every case that, that word comes up. And btw facts are not biased. Facts are facts.

  • LisaRose

    No one really knows how many cases are won or lost because often these kind of issues are settled out of court, in fact that is how the organization prefers it, so they can maintain the fiction that these things rarely happen in their "spiritual paradise". That is part of the problem, that they give their members a false sense of safety within the congregations, people are very trusting and congregation elders have a great deal of authority. These things make for a pedophiles paradise.

    It's true that these cases are often not won, as I am sure is the cases in many cases of this kind, whether against the Catholic church or any other organization. The age of the victims, the fact that evidence is hard to come by and the nature of the crime make it so. That does not mean that a wrong wasn't done, it just means that the deck is stacked against the victim, a fact that the Watchtower is happy to exploit.

    The Watchtower is not at fault every time a Jehovah's Witness commits such a crime, but very often these cases could have been prevented if the Watchtower would take proper precautions, and when they are at fault they should pay the price. A child who has had their innocence stolen because the Watchtower did not take common sense precautions has every right to sue. There are many things they could do to help make sure they aren't contributing to the problem:

    • Elders should be trained to recognize the signs of abuse, and how to talk to abuse victims.
    • Child victims should never, ever be forced to confront their abuser
    • The local authorities should be contacted in every case of suspected abuse, not just where it is a legal requirement. Elders are not qualified to judge whether abuse has actually taken place. Why does it take a law for the Watchtower to do the right thing?
    • A person who has sexually molested a child should never be put in any position of authority, elder or MS, ever.
    • Parents should be informed that their is always the possibility of child abusers in the organization, and that they should not automatically trust someone with their child just because they are a Jehovah's Witness.
    • A woman who is married to an abuser should not be pressured to stay in the marriage, the elders should help her protect her children.
    • A person with a history of child sex abuse should not be allowed to go in the ministry or conduct bible studies. If such a person becomes close to families with children the elders should take them aside and let them know of the problem.

    These are just common sense precautions that would go a long way in preventing problems. That the Watchtower refuses to do them shows how little they care about innocent children and how greatly they care about their image.

    I have seen first hand how the organization fails to protect children. My good friend had a son who was molested by a young Jehovah's Witness brother. He confessed and was reproved. Less that a year later he became engaged to a woman with young children. My friend was concerned because this woman was unaware of his history, so she informed her. My friend got in trouble with the elders and was told if she didn't shut up about the abuse she would be disfellowshipped. This kind of willful stupidity is inexcusable.


    Yes outlaw how dare I show an analogy with the use of another complex situation.....RO

    You do what every WBT$/JW Apologist does..
    Change the Subject..

  • OrphanCrow
    Richard: Yes I have read the ARC report.

    And you still don't understand why the victims are taking the Watchtower Society to court?????

    You still think the court cases should be dropped? After reading all those documents? After reading the transcripts and statements of the victims?

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