Honest Questions About Child Abuse

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  • flipper

    It is and has been the watchtower's standard operating procedure allow pedophiles access to children, and to mislead the membership about the abundance of pedophiles in the religion. They promote the arrogant belief that joining their superior religion can cure these creeps.

    They have shown more concern for pedophiles than for children - they will not keep them from participating because of something in the bible. (Sorry - I give no credibility to the bible's barbaric bs). Oh, they are supposed to be accompanied in the door to door work - they can still scope out children in the congregation and in the community.

    Compare their concern for children: they have habitually told victims of child abuse to "wait on Jehovah" rather than report to authorities or to get psychological counseling. That jehovah will erase those traumatic memories in the paradise.

    They are telling the membership that the news reports are all "Lies put out by satan".The membership is told to discount anything worldly and to believe and obey the watchtower even if it doesn't make sense in human logic.

    Flipper's long time elder brother and his wife recently laughed it off as nonsense when he brought up the problem. Something like "Oh, that again - it's the news and rumors blowing it all out of proportion".

    And that is just one of the serious abuses by this religion.

    There is good reason to focus on the watchtower.

    Mrs. Flipper

  • rebelfighter


    Since finding this sight that has been my question all along. These Elders do not see the harm in questioning these children?

    But then again I watch their children's videos and some of the children's books that have been put up here and I sit here going what emotional abuse!! The entire organization is exempt from any knowledge of child development. They start from the earliest age abusing these kids emotionally.

    The first introduction into the world of JW was the booklet on Families. That set off enough red flags for me but in no way prepared me for the shock I would get when I found this website. WOW!!! And the "Elder" thought I would be interested in becoming a JW.

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    I have a follow question for everyone, because, it seems like everyone wants Watchtower to report immediately if a child is abuse. This is certainly a fair argument and is reasonable. Though, my question is, what do you want Watchtower to do in countries that either have a low age of consent or have a very lax or non-existent law enforcement and judicial branch. There are countries out there that do have a low age of consent and even some states in the US that do. Watchtower makes policies for a worldwide organization.

  • Incognito

    As Orphan Crow clearly stated, the ongoing and biggest problem and source of liability is WT keeping these matters hidden and not involving proper authorities.

    WT dictate to all JWs, to keep matters within the cong and not involve 'the world'. WT then instruct elders to contact WT legal depart for further instructions when matters of sexual abuse are reported to them.

    Although WT claim that child sexual abuse is to be reported to authorities where required by law, the Australian RC has shown that doesn't actually occur as 0 of the approx 1600 cases involving over 1000 perpetrators was never reported. Australia does have a few mandatory reporting areas so it can be assumed that at least 1 incident occurred in one of those areas.

    As each incident is not reported to authorities for proper investigation and as those reporting the matter to elders are often threatened against talking about it to others, the perpetrator continues to be unrestricted from repeating similar behavior with other children within or outside the congregation.

    Congregants need to be encouraged to report matters directly to authorities but if they choose to first report to elders, elders need to then contact the authorities directly, not first reporting to WT legal dept.

    For an organization which claims its members have the highest morals and respect for the law in a Christ like manner in representation of the one true God, most people would assume they would be a shining example of how these matters are to be correctly handled. Instead, WT has been shown as one of the poorest examples on the planet and they continually oppose being forced to fix the situation.

  • truthseekeriam

    Totally agree with OrphanCrow.

    My 10 year old daughter had to go through that horrible gross questioning by untrained elders dressed in their suits holding a bible and book.

    Worse night of our lives! Still can't believe the control we allowed them to have. I still apologize to my daughter for foolishly not standing up and telling them to get out of our home.


    Low age of consent? What the hell are you talking about? What do we expect the WTBTS to do?? Again, what the hell??

    Here's a question: What would YOU do, if YOU suspected a child was being sexually abused and exploited?


  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    I never was a JW.

    I was a police officer (most of it a detective) for 30 years. I dealt with many cases - more than I wish to remember and some which haunt me still - of child abuse and child sexual abuse. There is no need to elaborate.

    What concerns me most when I look at the WT setup is how the institutional organisation facilitates the abuse and its cover-up.

    I have been extremely encouraged by the work of ARC and have confidence that it will bring about change. History shows that Royal Commissions are meaningful and effective.

    To WTBTS I would give this message (in the vernacular): fuck with ARC at your peril.

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    I am not saying that a low age of consent is good. Of course it is not. But if it is not against the law what do you expect law enforcement to do. According to the Mirror as of 2013, the following countries had an age of consent of 14: Austria, Germany, Portogul and Italy. at 15 the countries include: France, Denmark, Check Republic and Greece. Spain was at 13 but recently raised it to 16. And Angola has a stagering low age of 12. While Japan is at 13 and China is at 14.

    And there are plenty of countries that don't have robust law enforcement or judicial actions.

  • Bud Stars
    Bud Stars

    Truthseeker It's embarassing to think about this for us too. Mortified that we trusted these men.

    Still can't believe the control we allowed them to have. I still apologize to my daughter for foolishly not standing up and telling them to get out of our home.

    If you claim to be on the moral high ground, as the WTBTS does, then you report immediately, regardless of any law, or social custom, or any variance in the age of consent. We don't need laws to tell us when to act in a moral and ethical manner.

    The WTBTS is a cesspool of legalism, which ignores moral and ethical behavior in order to protect its assets.


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