How many of you are health nuts?

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  • zeb

    well done. I wish I had sufficient land to grow food on. Its my observation down many years that jw are as a group the unhealthiest of people.


  • Sabin

    Xanthippe & Diogenesister, I am a big advocate of apple cider vinegar. Needs to be organic & contain the mother. For arthritis, 450g/1lb fresh or frozen cherries, stoned (pitted), 600ml/1 pint of apple cider vinegar. Puree together in a blender transfer to bottle store in fridge, 10ml/2 tsp in a glass top up with water. I love anything to do with bee's aswell so if your not allergic then Royal Jelly may work wonders for you. Do your research though & never buy from a super market. Propolis is another bee product & natures premier antioxidant, along with bee pollen & honey as long as it's raw, again don't buy from a super market.

    Other than that I have to say I saw a significant change to my overall health both mentally & physically within 6 months of being away from jdubbs & waking up to the fact that it's a CULT.

  • talesin
    Look, I just have to bring it up because mental health diseases are so stigmatized, and there might be (probably are) people on this site that also have a serious mental illness. The worst message they could possibly internalize is that medication is bad. Because, like you said, people die from these illnesses and medication noncompliance is a big reason why.

    GT, I so agree! Especially since we are exJWS, and were taught that MI is Satan's way of messing with us. They also do NOT want people seeing shrinks - too much to hide.

    The indiscriminate prescribing of unnecessary medications is what I am against. It's happening to so many people, and is an huge problem for seniors (especially with drug interactions).

    I lost 4 friends IRL, who stopped taking their meds, and bipolarism killed them; not the noose, the razor blade, nor the samurai sword, but the illness. It's so important to stay on the meds, and understood. Meds for schizophrenia are really hard on the body, too. I wish we had better alternatives, but in the meantime, it's the best we have for these serious MIs (including depression, which can be either a temporary, reactive depression, or long-term - reactive depression may require short-term meds, but also will heal with time and therapy). xx

  • GrreatTeacher

    I've found that pharmacists are often better than doctors at catching drug interactions. Polypharmacy is the prescribing of 5 or more drugs. Many seniors take that many. I certainly do. Make sure you always use the same pharmacy so they have a complete record of all of your medications.

    Also, I thought antidepressants were not recommended for normal grieving, though talk therapy could be useful.

    Believe me, I am not against healthy foods and vitamin supplements. I keep hearing about apple cider vinegar and am interested. I just realize that it's not enough in my case. Even adding talk therapy, which I've done in the past, is not enough. Bipolar disorder is a physical disease of the brain and it requires serious medication.

    I'm just glad I was born when I was when we do have treatments. Even 50 years ago, people suffered and they often died.

  • Diogenesister

    Thank you Xanthippie actually it doesn't surprise me cider vinegar is good to use as my husband is always ranting about all the amazing uses of vinegar ( and bicarb of soda too!) but he didn't know about this one!

    I will start straight away as I have it in stock to use for salad dressing! Thank you so much...they are threatening to start me on steroids and immune suppressants...boy I so want to avoid such stuff the side effects are worse than the problem they treat half the time!

  • Diogenesister
    GrreatTeachera day ago
    I've found that pharmacists are often better than doctors at catching drug interactions. Polypharmacy is the prescribing of 5 or more drugs.

    You are so right Great on. Also I would class bi polar disorder as extremely serious, if you read my earlier post I classed depression as a serious illness like cancer and meningitis that requires conventional treatments without question. As a nurse I just realize the great cost to our bodies of pharmaceutical drugs. In general I would avoid them if at all possible. I think Talesin is right..there is horrendous over prescribing of the elderly WHO ARE OFTEN CLASSED AS A PROBLEM AND GIVEN MEDS TO "KEEP THEM QUIET".Talesin is right to be concerned.

  • kaik

    I am very health conscious, I never smoked and trying to live healthy lifestyle, but holistic approach is BS. My father thought that he can cure a cancer this way. Once he was given by healer a herbal medicine that landed him in ER where he was fighting for his life. Eventually cancer metastasized, and it was too late for chemotherapy or radiation. Question is if it would even help him to survive. My father died just over 50 years old. My spouse is a cancer survivor and listen doctor to the last word. So far 18 years later, the cancer had not returned.

    Organic food is BS. I had grandparents who lived on medieval farm surrounded by vineyards and peach orchards that my grandmother inherited. But it was my granduncle and his family who took care of the property and they supplied entire family with food product they grew. We had wine, butter, goat cheese, sausages, goose, bacon all from the farm. It was natural, produced without chemicals and tasty. My granduncle died couple years ago 101 years old. My grandparents were almost 90. Now, when I see organic food, it is something that would be force fed to war enemy. Butter is white, sausages stuffed with soy flour, etc, bleah.. I will take all the products made in the past over the organic food BS.

  • rebel8

    Science has answers to all of these questions.

    The scientific method is nothing more than a way to gather and analyze evidence. Science is our friend, not our enemy, as it was when we were dubs.

  • LisaRose
    hink that eating healthy foods, and exercising properly could help a lot of people with fibromyalgia. That is another great example of overmedication. Having had it (severely) since age 4, I've kept up with the pharmaceutical journey, as well as the leaps and bounds in research. Many people with this dis-ease turn to meds ... they are depressed, overweight and wretched. But do they eat white food? Yup. Do they exercise daily? Nope. Their doctors usually have them on "Lyrica" (an anti-seizure med that's been around for decades, and now being used to treat the SYMPTOMS of FM - a drug with dangerous side effects); or they may be taking amitriptylene (sp?) or another addictive anti-depressant.

    I totally agree. I have fibromyalgia also, I keep in check with meditation, exercise and positive mental attitude. Never once did any doctor mention this as a possibility, I had to figure it out on my own over many years. I was given Amiyriptilene, which caused me to gain thirty pounds and did nothing for me and then Cymbalta, which was a disaster, it turned me into a lunatic and was horrible to get off of. I still get brain tingles occasionally, a side effect of the Cymbalta withdrawal. I refused to try Lyrica.

    Of course not all conditions can be cured with life style changes, pharmaceuticals can be life saving, but doctors should try harder to educate people about the true cost of drugs for things that could be better controlled with diet and exercise. There are risks to any drug, and the benefits aren't always that great. I get it's a touchy subject for doctors, and it takes time, much quicker to write a prescription.

  • Stirred

    Most of my adult life i've been a crunchy, organic-loving person. I aspire to have utility bills like you and have ben actively work on it. Plans for a quasi-earthship when I can afford it. Working on improving frugal skills and now I've had cpto cut grocery bill further. i focus on dirty dozen for organic and don't sweat the rest. I do spend much trying getting the organic protein needed.


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