Question for those who went to the RC

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  • eyeuse2badub

    It beats the hell out of the 'funeral dirges' that we used to call kingdom melodies!

    just saying!

  • Phoebe


    *vision of elder with swaying hips* is now in my mind!


    They were, weren't they? Except 'Take Sides With Jehovah' Remember that rousing chorus? My dad used to belt it out.

    I quite like some of the new songs but they all do sound a bit Pentecostal. Not very reverent.

    I went to Rome a couple of years back and visited a small church my son and I came across. It was so quiet and peaceful in there and seemed more of a spiritual place that the kingdom halls. I remember feeling very guilty because I preferred it to the kingdom hall.

  • stuckinarut2

    Slightly off topic, but the last convention we attended was the 2014 international at Melbourne in a large sporting stadium

    The session finished with many "Mexican waves" going around the stadium, along with dozens of large banners with slogans like "see you in paradise" and other corny expressions!

    So, as has been said, (frog in boiling water), this gradual change shows that anything is possible.

    Who would ever have thought there would be songs with "karaoke" style lyrics on large screens in every venue and Kingdom Hall?

  • Diogenesister

    I don't understand what the big deal is with choirs anyway. Well I do, can't have anyone enjoying themselves.

  • Ray Frankz
    Ray Frankz

    It's not that it's bad. It's actually good. The point is that it was unthinkable 10 years ago and as usual they don't even recognize they reproved this behavior that time. a big part of the JW community is acting like it has been this way (happy, clapping, dancing songs) always . It's all 1984 Orwell rewriting of the past.

  • pale.emperor

    It's slowly metamorphosing into something else.

    "Unlike other religions. We conduct ourselves with dignity. Those other religions with their happy-clappy emotionally charged singing - this is not for Christians brothers. We worship our God with dignity." - Our Circuit Overseer 2009.

    "Our method of preaching is door to door. We're the only religion that does this on this scale. We dont have to stoop to the levels of other religions with their televangelism and street preaching". - Our Circuit Overseer 1998.

    Wonder were those circuit overseers are now?

  • ToesUp

    Just a few short years ago the branch/society (whatever they call it today) would have cited the scripture, 1 Corinthians 14:40...but let all things take place decently and by arrangement." This swaying and clapping would have never been accepted back in our day. New light. So if my child needs a life saving blood transfusion and today it's not ok and dies but tomorrow it's new light and it's a "conscience matter", how is that going to bring my kid back? This is where I have a problem with WT ever changing doctrines and their non chalant attitude towards the outcome.


    I know, we even have a choir (that's exactly how they looked on the big screen) now. He gave a quick laugh, then said, that's not a choir.

    Of course it`s Not a Choir in WBT$ Land.

    It`s 28 people on stage in front of a huge crowd, all singing the same song in unison.

    Just like.

    JW`s don`t have Christmas Turkey Dinner, during the Christmas Holidays.

    JW`s have "It`s Not a Christmas Turkey Dinner" during the Christmas Holidays.

    Everyone at the JW "It`s Not a Christmas Turkey Dinner."

    Is required to acknowledge "It`s not a Christmas Turkey Dinner."


    "This Isn`t a Christmas Turkey Dinner!"

    Image result for Family turkey dinner


    This Isn`t a WBT$/JW Choir.


    The WBT$ GB "Rock Star" Popes!

    Image result for watchtower religion choir


  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Omg, Outlaw! So true!

    It's not a party, it's a get-together!

    It's not a shower, it's a Welcome New Baby (or bride) celebration!

    It's not a pagan wedding ring, it's a symbol of our love!

    It's not a funeral, it's a "memorial talk"


    and the *worst* - hesitate to even say these:


    It's not rape, it's fornication (especially if one did not scream)

    It's not a criminal act of child sexual abuse, it's sin

    It's not domestic abuse, it's a matter of needing more subjection and respect for headship

    It's not a life-saving treatment, it's an abuse of blood



    PS -- You know, I think these should be collected in a new thread and we can all add to them.... Which I have just done:

  • waton

    At one time in the past wt said it was wrong to sing harmony tones in the kh hall.

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