JW renaming things: "It's Not this, it's ....."

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  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    This was brought up in another thread, but I thought it should have its own thread. Feel free to add your own observations and experience. The JWs are so duplicit, and they rename things to somehow justify their own irrationalities.

    For example:

    It's not a party, it's a get-together!

    It's not a shower, it's a Welcome New Baby (or bride) celebration!

    It's not a pagan wedding ring, it's a symbol of our love!

    It's not a funeral, it's a "memorial talk"!

    It's not a Christmas dinner, it's a meal with turkey we eat at Christmas (or Thanksgiving).


    and the *worst* - hesitate to even say these:


    It's not rape, it's fornication (especially if one did not scream).

    It's not a criminal act of child sexual abuse, it's sin.

    It's not domestic abuse, it's a matter of needing more subjection and respect for headship.

    It's not a life-saving treatment, it's an abuse of blood.


  • ttdtt

    How about -

    Its not a Cult - its True Religion.

  • waton

    It is not an admission of doctrinal error, dismal bible study, it becomes:

    "upon further consideration..."

    It is not : We published error, it becomes:

    "some brothers developed false expectations..."

    wt "becomes" is unbecoming for a pillar supporting truth.

  • Sandino

    It's not a church (temple), it's a Kingdom Hall

    They're not hymns, they're Kingdom melodies

  • Londo111

    It's not Grace, it's UNDESERVED kindness.

    It's not the New Testament, it's the Christian Greek Scriptures.

    It's not a cross, it's a stake.


    Every cult has a loaded language.

    By creating your own vocabulary and creative redefinition, you can control how people think.


    The JWs are so duplicit, and they rename things to somehow justify their own irrationalities.

    "It`s The Truth!"


  • fulano

    Why was studying a book with wordly people called a "bible-study" and the fifth meeting, also studying a book, called "the bookstudy". I have always found that weird and nobody have been able to explain why.

  • LisaRose

    Using special terms for things is a kind a exclusivism, it binds a group together and sets them apart from non members. They also like to change the special terms for things, I have been out so long I doubt I could even speak the language anymore.

    They used to call return visits back calls.

    Conventions used to be called assemblies

  • fulano

    Hou didn't sell magazines ( the good old days when you used to charge people), but placed them.

  • Saename

    I have never understood the JW practice of having a meal at Christmas. The Witnesses would claim, and still do, that this is not a significant dinner—just another dinner with friends and family. But if so, why is this dinner always better prepared than the "usual" dinner they have? The table is decorated, the best plates and cutlery sets are out, and people stay late to play all sorts of games while enjoying lots of sweats and snacks. And then they say with a straight face that they're not celebrating Christmas... How is that any different from celebrating it—just without the Christmas tree?

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