My RC hearing brought forward. Will be in two weeks

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  • LevelThePlayingField

    umbertoecho - you said a good number of things. But one thing standed out to me. You said, "I would ban all children from having to go from door to door. That is one I push truly point to. A child needs to play and rest and have fun...."

    You are the life blood for us as the voice for us in the ex-jw community representing Australia. You have a heart of Gold. Go get-em' at the Royal Commission! Take each and every one of these suggestions and get 'em. The Watchtower has truly made its bed and now, it's time to lay down in it. Now it's time to pay the piper. They paid on credit long enough. Now it's time to pay it back, and to pay it back with interest.

    Thank you so much for standing up! You are to be commended. THANK YOU!

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    In order to go D2D, publishers should pass background checks and attend classes that instruct them why they need to be aware of this abuse problem in the congregations, including excerpts from the RC proceedings. As was demonstrated by those elders at the RC, JWs will try to ignore and "not have time" to give attention to this necessary subject. WT wants all the sheeple to ignore this danger--this has got to stop.

    Since the preaching arrangements have enabled abusers, no children should be going out preaching D2D. If they are otherwise going out on studies or RVs, they should be accompanied by a parent at all times.

    Since several, even Jackson, basically said that it was the government's fault for not requiring mandatory reporting, it should be mandatory. With serious punishment for any coverups.

    Since so much information was brought out about the injustices of judicial proceedings, I wish that WT would be required to do any such judicial hearings biblically--either in public or with numerous people to witness the proceedings and provide moral support to those involved. Their current method of an abusive star chamber of idiots that can't remember who said what when is a stellar example of injustice, a mess that seems to be modeled after the injustices of Jesus' trial and execution.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    A criminal record background check before these guys go in FS should be implemented of sorts. So much abuse and cover ups.
  • sherrie11

    I agree with Billy

    In order to go D2D, publishers should pass background checks and attend classes that instruct them why they need to be aware of this abuse problem in the congregations, including excerpts from the RC proceedings.

    and Beth Sarim

    A criminal record background check before these guys go in FS should be implemented of sorts.

  • cultBgone
    This is great news! So encouraging that you are able to share the reality of the huge problems with the WTS, we are all so grateful for the work of the RC and you are bringing them the real "truth". Stay strong and THANK YOU for everyone around the world who has been so grievously affected by the horrendous actions of the WTS.
  • konceptual99

    Mandatory reporting IMHO is a red herring. Jackson bleating about trying to manage the various issues around confidentiality and protection, twisting and turning to portray Jehovah's Witnesses as some kind of loose religious co-operative with limited structure and then basically asking the commission to make it all easy by requiring mandatory reporting is pure hypocrisy.

    Why is the WTS so unwilling to apply best practice that has already been implemented in other organisations? Why is the WTS so unwilling to unilaterally prioritise the reporting of alleged abuse to the authorities then worry about the internal disciplinary process once the facts are independently established? Why is the WTS so unwilling to make the procedure completely open, transparent and clear to anyone inside or outside the organisation?

    These are questions that the WTS should be forced to face up to. Making the problem go away by enforcing mandatory reporting allows the WTS to avoid putting it's house into order when it is completely within their power to do so. Things might change for the better in Australia but simply waiting for the government to force the issue means they continue to stick with the status quo everywhere else.


    I believe it is fair to require a background check for any JW who is baptized, regardless of age, because at the moment of their baptism they are considered "ordained ministers." As "ministers" they are required to engage in field service, which brings them into contact with children. If you are old enough to make the most important decision of your life, dedicating your life to God, then you must be prepared to comply with His Superior Authorities.

    To require a check of only Elders, Ministerial Servants, or Pioneers, would allow any who do not "qualify" for priviliges to continue un-checked in the ministry. Anyone who wants to call themselves an Ordained Minister should comply with the Superior Authorities, or be reduced to letter writing and rolly-carts.

    Also, Stephen Lett should be forced to make the Pedo anouncment, right after he plays the clip where he denies it, while referring to it all as "Apostate driven lies."

    Nu-light on the identity of "Ordained Ministers" is surely closer than the Big A!!



    I agree that Jacko used mandatory reporting as a red herring, unless he is fighting the BORG from within, which is extremely far-fetched.


    It would be good to mention Jackson's suggestion on mandatory reporting to the RC. Why?

    It's official doctrine ( of which Jackson is guardian ) to comply with any law of Caesar which does not conflict with the Bible. Jackson feels that mandatory reporting would be a good thing, therefore, it must not conflict with the Bible. This begs the question, "Why hasn't the WTBTS always reported allegations of child sexual abuse voluntarily?"

    Where is the logic in suggesting mandatory reporting, if you plan on disobeying that law? If plan to obey the law, why not practice the principle behind that law? Surely the one true Xian denomination does not need Caesar to force them to do the right thing....


  • LevelThePlayingField

    The Catholic's have taught their people way better than JW's. Take look at this:

    Since 2002, when its current sexual misconduct policies were put in place, the archdiocese has offered training to about 70,000 adult lay workers, conducted 105,000 background checks on clergy, staff and volunteers; and provided over 100,000 children with “age-appropriate lessons to help keep them safe.’’

    And they say, "We're the best educated people". I think not.

  • umbertoecho

    freesoul Thankyou, you have no idea how strengthening your' words are.

    I am quaking but doing it any way. Thankyou.

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