My RC hearing brought forward. Will be in two weeks

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  • umbertoecho

    First of all. Through this forum of wonderful freaks, I have met someone who is coming with me to my hearing. Initially I was slated for next year, but will be attending in two weeks time. All is in place from travel vouchers, support, where to go ............very efficient and well done. Top marks to the RC.

    I know that the RC has made it plain to me, that they not only want my story. They want good suggestions as to how to prevent the problem of covering up abuse and disempowering the "authoritative bodies" from exerting overt influence in this matter.

    This issue is broader than abuse and goes to the core of JW doctrine in many ways. My first suggestion will be for them to lose tax exempt status.

    Please write your suggestions. They will be helpful.

  • deanxxx
    In the UK we have something called CRB checks. It means that if you got for a job in Education, social services or the NHS or anything to do with care or contact with children or vulnerable adults you have to have a background check. All religious groups should be forced to comply with this standard at their cost. So any JW that goes out knocking doors should have an up to date CRB check just like you would expect from a teacher or scout leader.
  • bafh

    It might seem too unreasonable for the first suggestion to go after the tax exemption. There is too much that can be done to finangle books and activities so they qualify - and it doesn't get to the root of the issue....

    It would be more effective to recommend:

    1) that all volunteers with any sort of responsibility - pioneer, ministerial servant, elder, etc be required to have a background check.

    2) requiring elders to report to the authorities all known abuse regardless of how they came to be aware of it - confession or reports from parents/victims and without regard to how long it had been since the alleged incident(s) happened.

    3) all who are known offenders - through their own confession or through conviction by a court - be made known in every congregation - like a known offender list - made available through the elders, or the branch - maybe even on in some discreet way.

    my 2 cents


  • Freesoul

    Way to go, you have really put yourself out there.


    Working with children certificates

    Mandatory reporting

    Look at their tax exemption status if they do not agree with Australian policies e.g. gay marriage

    Right to leave your religion with out shunning - It is our human rights

    I have followed your post since the royal commission started and you have really stood up on behalf of us EX jw's thanks for all your hard work. You go get em!!

  • umbertoecho

    bafh Thankyou, good point and I appreciate your comment. I am wondering how I may bring this in to the "suggestions" as the RC here is looking for a reason to de- exempt. All points are most welcome. I will take them all on board.

    Thank you.

  • umbertoecho

    Look at their tax exemption status if they do not agree with Australian policies e.g. gay marriage

    This is a "weak" and good link in the status of Jehovah's Witness doctrine and deserves merit. Another good point. I only have two weeks to put some good ideas together. Already I see some good thinking people

  • jhine

    We do have criminal record checks for anyone working with children or vulnerable adults in the UK ( Dean I think that they are not called CRB anymore , but are the same thing )

    I know that my church requires anyone who helps at any club or gathering , like Messy Church , which is primarily for children to be checked and the church pays for this . So it is certainly not unreasonable to suggest this for the WT , the precedent is set in many denominations already .


  • smiddy

    The working with children checks that we have in Australia should not apply only to Elders & ministerial Servants who go from D2D in the ministry , it should also apply to one and all , male and female , young and old that engage in the D2D ministry , that every Jehovah`s Witness is expected to do .

    Historical events around the world has shown that male and females as well as youths , have demonstrated they are capable of committing child abuse, sexual and physical .

    In this world we live in today no stranger should have the freedom to knock on anybody`s door , when it`s possible for children for one reason or another to be left unsupervised for any length of time.


  • JWdaughter

    How about strict rules for both getting checked out if in ANY miinisterial or church role (any publisher-pioneer-MS-Elder-etc) and mandatory reporting (no clerical privileges to anyone catholic or JW in any role). THose should be laws regardless of non profit status or not. FURTHERMORE, they LOSE non profit status if they do not comply with those requirements while providing evidence of the checks and a written statement, signed by the highest authority in the organization nationally, that they are in compliance with this law and have provided training as regards the mandatory reporting. There should be a severe penalty for falsifying such records as well as being open to all kinds of litigation if they do not.

    This is a push and shove into decency, but most JWs can comply and those that can't will not be counted as publishers or allowed to go door to door and other JWs will know it. They should also have strict guidelines in place to educate parents in any group that has had the tendency (like the JWs) to previously DISCOURAGE individuals/families from reporting to (real) authorities. That one needs to be hammered in because of the WT propensity for discouraging it, whether directly or in their sneaky little ways.

  • JWdaughter

    BTW, good work, UmbertoEcho. I know this is hard to do and I admire your guts to do so. This issue figures greatly(if kind of indirectly) in my decision to leave the borg after going through the kangaroo court as a victim. Thank you from all the victims-my voice doesn't count much in australia, but I'm so glad yours is being heard, literally, for all of us.

    I did write the ARC, from across the world and explained that this isn't a local issue, it is world wide and harmful. That may not be officially counted as yours is, but its contributing to the roar that is made up of all the voices of individuals who are speaking together about this. I'm proud to stand by you anonymously and in your good company.

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