My RC hearing brought forward. Will be in two weeks

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    I do think the child abuse issue and two witness rule will be their downfall... God did not want the Israelites to sacrifice their children to false gods, yet the society is causing them spiritual, physical and emotional harm - what more they cannot do.... it is a crime and I am sure it will be called to account - which seems to be happening now.... and from all places- the world.........who ultimately seems to havemore compassion than the truth

    Yet there isn't a whisper about it within the congregations, there was a time when we talked back and forth among ourselves but the society has them so wound up about time of the end and all the things happening now with the society,the cutbacks, the preaching cause end is near --- people are being side tracked from main issues such as the CA issue

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    Well if it is sink or swim the WT will give up the 2 witness rule and the whole enforced shunning thing which clearly identify them as a harmful authoritarian cult in any court of law and hurts them profusely in a financial way in lawsuit cases. It is supper easy for a lawsuit attorney to paint that picture before the court with what they now have in place. But even if they changed soon I don't think even that will save their assets because of the sheer amount of cases waiting in the wings once this ball really gets rolling.
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    Child sex education should be made compulsory in school and as a part of home schooling but it should be presented by a professional. This education should be introduced at various stages with the early years being as an alert to dangers.

    The idea of a no home visit register is good. We already have a no phone call register and this could just be extended.

    Physical discipline should also be reportable.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I also wonder if they will drop the need for a under aged baptized minor to ever appear before one of their Judicial Committees because that can reasonably classified as "child abuse" . I don't think it wise that the Corporation wants to keep doing this because it got them in a lot of trouble in the first place, instead they should make it only if the child of their own free will wishes to notify them they can do so and not under any threat of Corporate sponsored judicial reprisals for doing so.

    A serious look at the harmfulness a dedication to a corporation as symbolized by water baptism which puts them under great control of a ruthless and greedy corporation. There has got to be a law to prevent this form of exploiting children to sell their product, make it a crime get some type of law on the books that prevents this.

    O and make it mandatory for any one over 18 going door to door selling religion have a back round check for the general safety of the unsuspecting public. So that before a person goes out in field service he's been cleared by the elder's back round check. I say this would be a good one and the WT should have no objections to based on their current predicament. After all Jehovah's not that hard up he needs pedofiles to shout his praise door to door for the corporation. This is really reasonable and imposes no hard ship on any one except a JW pedofile.

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    bafh Thankyou, good point and I appreciate your comment. I am wondering how I may bring this in to the "suggestions" as the RC here is looking for a reason to de- exempt. All points are most welcome. I will take them all on board.
    Thank you.

    What about making their tax exempt status dependent on complying with the requirements:

    1) that all volunteers with any sort of responsibility - pioneer, ministerial servant, elder, etc be required to have a background check.

    2) requiring elders to report to the authorities all known abuse regardless of how they came to be aware of it - confession or reports from parents/victims and without regard to how long it had been since the alleged incident(s) happened.

    3) all who are known offenders - through their own confession or through conviction by a court - be made known in every congregation - like a known offender list - made available through the elders, or the branch - maybe even in some discreet way.

    I'm not sure what country you are in, but if they don't comply with legal requirements for reporting child abuse, their tax exempt status should be taken away or their organization dissolved.

  • Sabin

    I agree with Zoo's having to admit to any mistakes on their part would be a real kick in the balls. To add to that, I think it should be law that at the beginning of any assembly, & everyday, wether 1,2 or 3 days an announcement should be read informing parents that pedo's may very well be in the audience so they should be vigilant in protecting there children. It should be a statement written from outside the borg, & read without any other comments added. You know like they say on t.v. Authorised by the QLD Government. Also a poster should be placed in full view at the back of all public venues e.g. kingdom halls, bethels, assembly places informing members of the cong & any visitors with children to be aware. If the GB care so much about the welfare of little one's there should be no complaints to this, after all we have signs in car parks telling us not leave our valuables unattended in our cars, what could be more valuable then a child.

    I also think any member in the cong who is guilty of child molestation or the rape of any person of any age or gender should not ever be allowed a position of responsibility. An individual who has committed the crime of child molestation should not be allowed to participate in the D2D ministry at any time

    Non-compliance should be met with heavy fines.

  • wozza

    Good on you UMBERTOECHO

    as regards what XXXdean said , here in australia we do indeed have to get approved by the government to work with the vulnerable and children , I,ve just been thru this process to do some voluntary work at a school for children teaching them building techniques.

    All in religious organisations in responsibility should go thru this procedure including JW's ,so even if a brother is taking a field service group out he should be approved by the government ,for he should "know the appearance of the flock" so as not to assign a molestor with children. At present only a small number of even the elder body know who is a risk of molesting and what they have done in the past.

    This was brought home to me a few years ago when I'd left the org and some sisters and their children in service called at my door and I noticed going in next door working with a child ,was a molestor known to me from my old congregation, I warned the sisters to keep their children away from him as they did not know what kind of person he is........................some time later he was sent to prison for at least some of his crimes.

    So I think The JW's should seek approval from the government as they are an organisation

  • Vidiot

    bafh - "...all who are known offenders - through their own confession or through conviction by a court - be made known in every congregation - like a known offender list - made available through the elders, or the branch..."

    This is the one that some of us think the WTS might be the most scared of.

    The reason being, we suspect, is that there are, in fact, so many alleged offenders amongst the R&F that the majority of JW parents (with half a brain) learned who they were, they would inevitably conclude - correctly - that they won't be able to find an offender-free congregation to safely take their kids to, and will therefore simply quit attending.

    And without that next generation of active publishers, the WTS is well and truly f**ked.

  • DNCall

    I think Bafh's list is succinct and stays within the issue at hand. The only thing I could think of in addition to Bafh's list is that trained women within each congregation be used to inquire of and counsel female victims. These specially-trained women should be made known to the congregation so that female victims may approach them with their accounts of abuse.

    I also believe that revoking their tax exempt status will act as a strong incentive for Watchtower to comply with the mandated policy changes. Historically and from testimony given by Witness representatives, it is clear that Watchtower does not make policy changes mandated by outside authority. It is a matter of religious principle with them. This calls for the type of drastic measure that revoking their tax exempt status would be.

  • umbertoecho

    Grabbing all the ideas. Don't worry if you repeat things. They add weight to the problems. I am watching all comments as they count. I agree with all of them.

    Geoffrey Jackson was very oblique about a "pooled fund". This is why I am most interested in recent issues regarding the Australian Bethel, finances and such. Many of the older JWs here say that Australia is spiritually weak because they are too well off. I have heard this quite a few times.

    If any one thinks that the RC is unaware of the fiscal games of the WTBTS,,,I would say that they are now very, very interested in their finances. At one stage I said flippantly to one of the RC staff that " it wouldn't surprise me if WT cut Australia loose for now.." He didn't laugh. Seriously, there is a sense of tension around.

    I would ban all children from having to go from door to door. That is one I push truly point to. A child needs to play and rest and have fun....

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