My RC hearing brought forward. Will be in two weeks

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  • umbertoecho
    I would like them to be required by law to make a public announcement that acknowledges to their members and to the general public that there is a problem within the organization

    That would be powerful stuff.

    JWdaughter, my thoughts are really with you, with all of us..Don't fret. What goes around........really goes around. I am copying all comments at this time, for I am inclined to print or repeat all that is suggested, and present it to them. They are not closed minded. They are really good people who kept me afloat. No names required, don't worry people......

  • MightyV8

    Thank you from all the victims-my voice doesn't count much in australia, but I'm so glad yours is being heard, literally, for all of us. JW Daughter

    Well done UMBERTOECHO, your courage and determination is a great example to others. The searcher

    Go get 'em, UMBER! We look forward to your report when you return. Zoos

    Well done Umby! Stay strong, keep your dignity and poise throughout all the ordeals...stuckinarut2

    WOW, I am blown away by the open-hearted honesty, support that is been shown.We are right behind you umby!!

    You have what it takes, nail them to the wall

    I will hand you the nails.

  • Heaven

    They want good suggestions as to how to prevent the problem of covering up abuse and disempowering the "authoritative bodies" from exerting overt influence in this matter.

    This issue is broader than abuse and goes to the core of JW doctrine in many ways. My first suggestion will be for them to lose tax exempt status.

    Mandatory back ground checks of members and child safety requirements/processes need to be put in place.

    Enacting laws that abolish Botchtower's harmful doctrines is needed. This should include eliminating:

    1) Coercing people into not taking lifesaving medical treatments

    2) Encouraging people not to take higher learning/education

    3) Shunning

    4) Mandatory Field Service and browbeating people who can't do this

    Basically, the elimination of Patriarchy is needed but doubtful that will happen.
  • Simon
    Basically, the elimination of Patriarchy is needed but doubtful that will happen.

    I agree. The fundamental practice that is the enabling factor in so many of these issues is the unquestionable obedience that must be shown to those in authority with insufficient checks or controls over the power they wield or how they use their influence. This is especially drummed in to the most vulnerable - women and children.

    I don't think pushing for background checks on all members is fair or realistic but those appointed to any position within the congregation and religion should - Elders, CO's, DO's etc... (not sure if ministerial servants should be included) because of the harm that the wrong person in one of those positions can do.

    They also need to make it clear that someone will be on the hook if abuse is allowed to happen through their negligence - if it is reported to the organization then the people at the top who set the process, if it isn't then the people directly involved (elders etc...). And getting someone to say "sorry, I won't do it again" doesn't meet the standard of "dealing with it".

    Don't bother pushing for shunning laws, it's unrealistic and isn't going to happen. Same for higher education - people can have their own opinion on education and the right path for their children. Also field service reporting - why would the RC be interested in that?

    Trying to tack on extra gripes just weakens the focus and is going to be of less interest to the RC IMO. It also gives the WTS chance to claim the complaints are driven by those who oppose their religion rather than the focus being on their practices and how they sometimes enable abuses to happen.

  • Vidiot

    WireRider - "Jehovah's Witnesses have always wanted to distance themselves from Christendom's religions especially, and 'worldly' organizations..."

    Yes, and they're so good at it, too. :smirk:

  • Giordano

    I would like to see every DF or DA case reviewed by each congregation with new guidelines in place, that strengthen the 'family business' clause, that would allow for free and open contact after a set time. The Mormon's use a one year shunning period for most offenses...... as one example.

    The WTBTS have greatly burdened and weakened their family units through the coercion of shunning which is another form of abuse.

    While I am not in favor of virtually anything these people believe in........ strong loving families contribute to a better overall society.

    The WTBTS can keep their lunatic beliefs but they must get their foot off the neck of it's followers especially when it comes to family.

    It's not that some may choose to distance themselves from unacceptable behavior, which can change over time, it should simply not be a condition enforced by being shunned in turn.

  • Vidiot

    Giordano - "The WTBTS can keep their lunatic beliefs but they must get their foot off the neck of it's followers..."

    How else are they gonna get their followers to accept said lunatic beliefs?

  • Tornintwo
    I hope we don't have to wait years for the ARC findings, A preliminary report would very good soon and in my view necessary, to force a change in the practices such as the 2 witness rule as soon as possible to protect other victims, and to inform the public and the ignorant rank and file witnesses.
  • truthlover123

    Don't know if it was mentioned, but what about getting rid of the two witness rule - no one will be invited to a child abuse that would not be enjoying it.... and they don't testify on themselves

    The two witness rule was about adults;;-- not children

  • Vidiot

    @ truthlover123...

    Never gonna happen.

    They've staunchly reiterated the two-witness rule in all recent related internal correspondence (and external, FTM).

    Pretty sure that if they did, they'd be opening up a can of worms even worse than what's going on now...

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