New Shunning Video - RC 2016

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  • wifibandit

    This is supposed to be her reliving what happened in her past.

    • The sister at the beginning was placing Knowledge that leads to everlasting life

    • The D.F. announcement was a pre-2005 version

    • The year text when she left was from 2000 “We are not the sort that shrink back ... but the sort that have faith” (Heb 10:39)

      Download link for those who want to mirror or remix: CO16_S_25_No15-1.mp4

    • Miss Behaving
      Miss Behaving

      This was so hard to watch...

    • hoser
      This post reminded me to phone up my disfellowshipped daughter and tell her I love her unconditionally
    • JW GoneBad
      JW GoneBad

      steve2: "If you're a loving Mom and Dad who cannot in good conscience starve your bad child, watch the hell out: You're next in the firing line. Shame on you, parents, for not being prepared to sacrifice your child!"

      Good point! There are tens of thousands of JW parents who will feel targeted just as you relate in your observation. The problem is that these tens of thousands of renegade JW parents have woken up and now believe that blood is indeed thicker than WT.

    • xjwsrock

      They are desperate for control.

      Shameless what they are resorting to.

      This organization will continue to lose ground. There's no stopping it now. They have already peaked. But what will become of this shrinking cult in the coming years is an increasingly nasty insular entitled delusional fringe group. They are becoming more and more extreme.

      We all knew they were facing a choice. Were they going to become more mainstream or more cultish. They have officially chosen to become more cultish and controlling. They aren't even really trying to recruit anymore. It's about riding the current members to a grinding halt.

    • JW GoneBad
      JW GoneBad

      wifibandit: "This is supposed to be her reliving what happened in her past."

      Good observation. I also noticed that many in the video are using the old black 1984 revised Bible and no one is using any electronic devices. So her disfellowshipping must have taken place a number of years ago and as you say she is reliving what took place back then.

      I give this video a...

    • Lieu

      Toss her in that volcano .... we want sacrifice not mercy!!!!!

    • disposable hero of hypocrisy
      disposable hero of hypocrisy


      What everyone above said.

      The good thing is that this can't be unreleased now. You can't unring bells like this. We can use this when jdubs try to water down the df'ing policy. They're doubling down on the one real control mechanism they have, hopefully because they're haemorrhaging members.


    • Designer Stubble
      Designer Stubble

      Great with these videos, in the past JWs were not even allowed to record the talks, but now we have access to their cult propaganda.

      I especially hope that active JWs lurking here, see this religion for what it is. It is NOT a religion that embraces Jesus-like Compassion, Warmth and forgiveness...

      This convention video shows that parents should shun their disfellowshipped children to the extreme. A teenage daughter is kicked out of the house by her father and the mother thereafter refuses to answer her calls. It seems that even necessary family business contact is no longer allowed.

      If you still doubt this is a destructive cult...

    • cofty

      This is a loathsome piece of mind-controlling propaganda.

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