New Shunning Video - RC 2016

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    Oh boy. I see what I'm in for. Mom's assembly is this weekend and I've already sensed a chill in the air. I text her and get very short replies, or none at all. I faded, tried going to a few meetings in February to appease her, and faded again.

    Will I be considered as "bad" as a disfellowshipped one? Are faders to be shunned too? I questioned a couple of teachings and got my head bit off. 😱

  • pale.emperor

    I have a suspicion the next "light" the Gov Body receive is that faders are to be shunned also. How they'll work out just how many meetings you've missed before you're considered "mentally diseased" should prove interesting.

    Maybe they'll take the number of sons of Jacob, multiply it by your age, (remember the day for a year rule though!), then share that by how many times you underline your WT.

    There's so many in my circuit leaving. One girl pulled off a perfect fade - her dad (an elder) ran off with his secretary, got her pregant, fled to America with her and left his wife and kids in the UK. His wife went off the rails and would turn up at witness house parties and would make out with 19yo boys. So this girl had been through an ordeal. Stopped going to the meetings - we all felt sorry for her and left her alone to greive - a few months later she's living with some guy, they're getting married, they have a kid on the way. She's not been DF, still gets invited to witness parties and even turns up at the conventions. Fade score 100 points!

    DATA-DOG that mom hot??!!


  • Shunned Again
    Shunned Again

    Are faders to be shunned too?

    Dam straight! They dsaid as much. Sick SOB's

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Sorry if I am doubling up on the thoughts of others, I only had time to quickly skim through the posts.

    It has always bothered me how witness parents take the high road in the cases of their disfellowshipped children.

    They are YOUR children, maybe something YOU did as parents contributed to their struggles and consequent disfellowshipping. They have YOUR DNA, your strengths and weaknesses. As a parent you have no right to simply wash your hands of your children's behaviour and walk away unless you have absolutely done everything in your power to help your children. They did not ask to be witnesses, that was YOUR choice.

    On the other hand, you have 'worldly' parents whose children are dealing with addictions, mental illnesses etc etc, yet these parents never walk away from their children. Even when it takes years, in some cases, for their children to recover.

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