Forgiving Loans the Watchtower Way

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  • eyeuse2badub

    Oh I get it now! So the wtbts is like the prostitute. She has a certain product that you want to 'buy'.

    She has it!

    She sells it!

    But--she still has it!

    Am I missing something here?

    just saying!


  • LisaRose
    New 'Adjustment' - as revealed in our letter of October 29th 2015: "Kingdom Halls will continue to be built or renovated in proportion to whatever the brothers are able to contribute for this purpose."

    Am I understanding this right? They took all available money that was being saved towards new kingdom halls or remodeling, saying they will use those funds wherever it was needed, but now they aren't going to do that, if you need a remodel you have to start saving again? Are they really being that blatant? Why would anyone contribute towards a fund for remodel when it's obvious the Watchtower will just steal the money again?

    Obviously people won't contribute towards the world wide work (fancy new headquarter and governing body retirement fund) but will pony up for a nicer kingdom hall, and they think they are entitled to that money. How can anyone not see they have gone off the rails?

  • Quarterback

    It's kind of a Reverse Mortgage, but with a twist. Instead of you getting the monthly tax free income, you are paying that to the Soc.

    I'm intrigued that all in the GB arn't protesting this arrangement

  • tim3l0rd
    While the org held a lien on the KHs, they didn't actually "own" the KHs, at least not the ones that my dad was an elder at. The local corporation held the title to the KH. When the loan was paid off on the old KH, they no longer sent payments to WT and the donations for "local expenses" actually reduced as everyone knew that the local expenses were less and they were able to keep some of the money for themselves. When they sold the old KH and built a new one, the proceeds from the sale were used to build the new one and lowered their monthly payments on the new KH. While it is true that the org could tell them that they needed to sell or not, they local body had a lot of input as to what they wanted to do.

    Now they have no control and have to wait on the org to do anything. The LDC is focusing on densely populated areas and ignoring those in less populated areas. It will be years and maybe a decade or more before the KHs in some rural areas are renovated or rebuilt. In years past, the RBC focused only on their area, but now the LDC has a national approach. In the end, the org still controls everything, but now the local brothers and sisters have lost even the illusion of control.
  • xjwsrock
    Had a great laugh Cofty. The Op and Datadogs "off the coast of Nunya" really had me rolling...
  • Divergent

    Imagine those congs whose loans have almost been paid up!

    Say a cong has a year to go before their loan is fully paid. Their almost-paid up loan is forgiven but they have to contribute the same amount to the organization forever???

  • xjwsrock
    The "forever" part is where it gets fictional real fast. The WT may explain it that way and hope for that, but they also try and say things like there will be an "equalizing" among the Congs. Well everybody feels like they are the cong in "need" as soon as money gets tight. So 99% of Congs don't feel bad when they don't meet the monthly pledge, because "mother" will take care of it. You know...With the "equalizing" stuff.
  • Crazyguy
    Its interesting the Borg has become a bank and is now havingbthe dubs build bank branches with drive up and ATM slots already prepared for install. Tell me the new khs don't look like banks
  • slimboyfat

    Cofty that's exactly my understanding too. But what the GB didn't seem to reckon on is that people are not as stupid as they think. In response it seems most Witnesses have simply resolved to donate less, perhaps a lot less, perhaps some Witnesses have stopped donating altogether as a result of these shenanigans. The GB are already realising the ruse has backfired big time and are cancelling every project in sight as a result.

  • cofty

    I think you are spot on SBF

    Withholding contributions is the easiest and most secret way to protest

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