Forgiving Loans the Watchtower Way

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  • cofty

    Bank - Thank you for maintaining your loan repayments for the past 3 years. To show our appreciation we are forgiving the balance of your loan

    Borrower - Yeah!

    Bank - However we would like you to continue to send an amount that you can afford each month

    Borrower - Well that seems reasonable, thanks.

    Bank - Oh and we require you to go on paying that amount forever

    Borrower - Forever! Really? You did say it could be just an amount I can comfortably afford didn't you?

    Bank - Yes that's right. Of course the amount you choose must be at least as much as your loan repayment.

    Borrower - Are you serious?

    Bank - Yes, of course. Oh and by the way we are taking all your savings but we will leave you enough to pay your regular bills for a couple of months.

    Borrower - Is any of this optional?

    Bank - No we insist on forgiving your loan. It's the least we could do. You're welcome.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Cofty I concluded a long time ago that the Watchtower considered my money their money.

    My Definition of Religion is Money.

    The Rebel.

  • WireRider

    And if I understand this correctly ....

    Bank - oh, we forgot to mention last week we sold the building/land. Get out.

  • bohm
    "Will you consider volunteering to build our new company headquarter?"
  • Zoos

    LOL It makes the absurd sound even absurder when put in this context. But religion can get way with it because their customers see things through spiritual eyes.

  • EdenOne

    LOL ... yep, that's exactly what it is...


  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    "We will now pay for a refurbishment or a new K.H. if you need one - that's why you can send us all the money lying in your congregation bank account."

    New 'Adjustment' - as revealed in our letter of October 29th 2015: "Kingdom Halls will continue to be built or renovated in proportion to whatever the brothers are able to contribute for this purpose."

    I'd really love to hear and see the reactions of Witnesses at the K.H. tomorrow evening as they hear the latest money-grab letter being read out - but I'll be having another night off from "the only place of true worship in the area." (TM)

  • Splash

    Searcher - I picked up on that too.

    It's amazed me that the WT have been so underhanded so quickly!

    They took all the money, promising new halls and refurb's, then within just a few months tell everyone that they're on their own again and have to save up again.

    Is there no end to their greed and corruption?

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    BANK: By the way, you will continue to pay forever but the property will never become yours.

    BORROWER: But we bought that property outright years ago.

    BANK: Yes but we stole it from you, it's now owned by "Kingdom Hall Trust".


  • ScenicViewer

    Bank - No we insist on forgiving your loan. It's the least we could do. You're welcome.

    Thanks Cofty, I needed a laugh like that.

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