Forgiving Loans the Watchtower Way

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  • floriferous

    You are spot on Rebel.

    I have heard talks where the WT speaker is trying to drum up contributions by saying everything belongs to Jehovah anyway(=Watchtower).......all your belongings, all your money & it's only his loving kindness that allows us have them.

    So you work your socks off all week only for the borg to try & lay claim to your wages.

    The GB expect the dubbies to lose their lives for some God concocted principle he's so-called enlightened them with, yet with no sign of being hacked to pieces by some crazed JW hater, raped or having finger nails pulled out Geoffrey Jackson capitulated & claimed ' it would seem to be quite presumptuous to claim that we are the only spokesperson God is using'.

    Yes threaten the GB/WT financially & watch them dance.

  • WireRider

    Why not split?

    Once upon a time the WT was about a religion. Not any more. Rutherford embezzled about $50,000,000 in donations during the great depression. Now people are donating their money for luxury accommodations in NY, and paying into the great real estate empire. Why?

    The WT has been called out time and time again with absolute Biblical truth as being false prophets, but people keep sending their money to the WT without any idea of what it's really used for.

    It's right there. Written in the Bible. You cannot believe in the Bible and the WT at the same time.

  • 4thgen
    Thanks Cofty....
  • tim3l0rd


    Here is the link to the post on Reddit: New Style KH

    The pics say they are from Haledon, NJ. There's also this pic of the KH under construction.

  • tim3l0rd


    You don't actually think that JWs study the Bible do you? I know that even at my most zealous period in life I barely had time to prepare for the meetings, read the magazines, and read my bible daily. There was little time for deep research and thinking about the scriptures. The scriptures used for the meetings are selected to support whatever point they are trying to get across. Few JWs do more than look up the selected scripture and try to apply it to the paragraph.

    Even those that read the Bible daily do so with blinders on. When I read the Bible as a JW, I was always thinking how the passage would fit to our understandings rather than thinking about the passage itself. When I started meditating on what the scripture meant and the context, that's when I started to see how JW understandings didn't line up.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Thanks for the links TIM3LORD.

    Those are literally the first pictures I've ever seen of this new KH design actually built.

    Next time I get a chance to talk to some of the "friends" in the cong. who were promised the first new KH in NJ, I can "stir the pot" with these pics.

    I don't think anyone out my way is aware of this.

  • OnTheWayOut

    You make them sound so terrible with your condensed version. Let's put back a few elements.

    Watchtower loaned out money at interest for the building of Kingdom Halls, provided the local members purchased the land and could make the monthly payments. Watchtower lovingly eliminated the interest either because of some kind of legal reasons or because it was all part of their grand scheme to take away properties and money.

    Watchtower started assuming the title to properties upon loaning money to congregations or upon approving a remodeling of the properties. Local members still paid the mortgage, but now had the privilege of doing it for the corporation.

    Watchtower forgives all the loans in their entirety that members were paying to Watchtower for the money they lent them so that the Watchtower could own the building. Just so everyone is clear- Watchtower owned the money and held the mortgage, Watchtower arranged for all the building supplies and who would be building the building and set all the prices and fees. Watchtower demanded that people attending the meetings pay back the loan for their set prices and fees and building supplies, but when the loan is paid off the members do not own the property but Watchtower does. And all that is forgiven, but on the condition that the members keep paying the same amount or more forever to Watchtower.

    Watchtower takes all the money in any accounts where local members were saving up money for a Kingdom Hall or to pay for a new Assembly Hall in their area. Well, it's going to be Watchtower's buildings anyway, so as long as the project gets built, who cares if they take the money and say they will build soon or if the building isn't done until the locals save up enough money to pay for it? I mean- it might even get built sooner with this new arrangement. Oh, and Watchtower is taking all the local bank account money from congregations too. It's needed to build your new Kingdom and Assembly Halls. You remember all those pretty drawings and architectural cartoons of new Kingdom Halls that Watchtower is going to build for you, dontcha? It's really happening, so we need that money.

    Oh, remember that scripture Watchtower throws at you to discourage secular plans? That one about calculating the cost before doing something? Well, Watchtower leaders who are guided by God didn't do that. They seriously miscalculated something. It was probably them assuming that local Kingdom Hall contributions would go up while Assembly Hall contributions would also go up and none of that happened somehow. It was probably part of forgetting that in hard economic times, the people without an education get the axe first or get pay raises last (if ever) while the cost of living continues to go up. Well, whatever it was- forget all the reasons Watchtower took your money and demanded a monthly "voluntary" contribution of at least a set amount. They already got your money and they will not be building so much. Even as they tell you that, they will make it sound like those pretty Kingdom Halls are going up "SOMEWHERE ELSE," so be proud that your money is supposedly going to such wonderful causes and not to lawsuits or luxury apartments in rural New York.

    Cofty, do you see how you can't give the short answer or else you make them look bad?

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Forgiving all those loan was risky but in the end the WT corp. owns those building but not outright. Anyway this new "arrangement" will backfire on them big time when they are short on cash and they start selling more property. This will in turn effect contributions if it hasn't already.

    I think their business strategy stinks and will only make more money woes in the future when the selling starts to pick up momentum.

    What else can we expect from a bunch of shrunken brains CEOs that forbid education for it's members and put down science over belief in an imaginary being. Small minds(shrunken brains) on the GB guaranties more stupidity down the road.

    Guess what their hat size is:

  • EndofMysteries

    Adding to the top of OP's message.

    Bank: We notice you don't have a loan with us, but we noticed your home hasn't been remodeled in the past 5 years and needs an overhaul.

    Notyetaborrower: Our home is fine, everything is clean and in good condition.

    Bank: But it still needs to be redone. The team is at your home now remodeling, too late, please remit your first loan payment immediately.

    Borrower: ok

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    There is another factor which I think the borg have neglected.

    In the good 'ole days congs used to build their own halls, they got a loan true but had to raise large amounts of cash and put in a massive amount of work to do it. There was a community spirit and a sense of pride and ownership that was actually, rightly or wrongly, heart warming. The cong stood back on completion and there was a hall, built with their own sweat, labour and cash and it belonged to them. The same method worked from KHs to assembly halls. People dug deep, contributed their jewellery and valuables and made something from nothing.

    Now, want a new building? It just appears as if by magic, there is no striving, no digging deep for contributions and certainly no ownership. The model was sustained because local community spirit and ownership of the project achieved 'miracles'.

    So, the difference is, there is no massive striving for anything, just the routine dollar in the box. Without the local enthusiasm and fund raising the model is broke. It just don't work.

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