Jehovah's Witnesses Latest Music video advice picking a marriage mate

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  • macys
    Is it just me or is the JDub cult going mainstream fundamental Christian with this Christian music and other stuff? WOW! I am at a loss for words here. Barrrrff!
  • TheListener
    My wife married what she thought was a spiritual look at me! There are no guarantees in life.
  • sir82

    Evidently the best pick-up line for JW relationships is, "Hey babe, can I carry your trash bag for you?"

    "Insipid" doesn't even scratch the surface of this dreck.

  • Stirred

    I liked aspects of it. I really liked the part of seeing how someone treats kids, elderly, and their own parents. I tell this to my kids also: Consider if they are respectful to others. regarding the brothers looking at the phone, I don't think that was the issue so much as the fact that their friend was giving a talk and they didn't show support or repect by basically caring more about some amusing distrraction while he gave his part. They could have done that later. The young woman took note and good for her. I know it was staged, but it is nice to have anyone help with chores, open doors, show courtesy, etc.

  • pixel

    Being a doctor's office assitant is an approved job by the Borg if you went for 1 or 2 years max.
  • bradford

    Feel sorry for the ones that chose poorly (according to the video) and now are guilt shaming their mates for not being a good head/supportive wife.

    Or they are just quietly wishing they could have a do over.

    Not so subliminal messages:

    • people at work are bad, mmmmkay.
    • People who laugh or text during a meeting are bad, mmmmkay.
    • Guys sit with guys.
    • Girls sit with girls.
    • No mingling until you are ready to make a move. Just sit back and observe the "appearance" given by people at the Kingdom Hall and JW gatherings. Such a good indicator of who a person is right there.
  • ToesUp


    I agree with you it is nice to see others take care of their family members and show courtesy. I have two VERY good non JW friends. One takes care of her elderly mother and her husbands elderly parents. They also have purchased them VERY nice homes they live in (they are well off). The other (also a non JW) friend has moved to this state but calls her elderly father everyday and flies every few weeks to visit him.

    We have family members. One is a CO, it is well known within the family that this CO and his wife do not look after their elderly parent, the congregation does. We have countless examples of JW's that are not looking after their aging parents. It infuriates me!

    I guess the point I am trying to make is there are good non JW people that are doing good things and JW's that are not practicing what they preach. The opposite can also be stated. There is good and bad in everything and everywhere. The thing that bothers me is the JW's condemn everyone. The good and the bad. I disagree with them 100% . I have witnessed the opposite.

  • macys
    I am with Sir82 on this one!
  • nowwhat?
    ACK! i just threw up all over my keyboard
  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    How much you wanna bet those garbage bags are filled with garlic bread?

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