Jehovah's Witnesses Latest Music video advice picking a marriage mate

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  • jaydee

    Why are they wasting time on 'finding a mate' anyway....

    don't they know the end is so near ?

    haven't they heeded the wise council in Rutherford's book 'Children 1941' ?

  • baker

    the two ladies both have pants on, but it looks like a "recreation gathering " as you can see men in the back throwing a ball and a large picnic ice chest, probably full of adult beverages...


    Im waiting for them to release an album for download with all of their new happy clappy christian songs on it.

    Its not like their even using regular kingdom songs for their videos these are specially made with women and men

    singing together.

    This just keeps getting weirder and weirder !!

    So glad I am out.

    If my mum and dad were alive to see this crap - I think they would have woke up for sure.


  • Divergent
    Be patient + choose widely (within JW land with its limited choices) = countless aging, sad, lonely, sex-deprived people, especially sisters!!!
  • TheListener
    In the real world of JWs the girl would be dating the man in the wheelchair. And be happy.
  • LoveUniHateExams

    The young brother in the vid seemed more interested in the company of men.

    He's probably gay ...

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Truelly vomitt worthy. The fact that I watched more than a minute of it is embarrassing....
  • ctrwtf
    Puerile fantasy. Two people inventing a relationship with no meaningful interaction whatsoever. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.
  • sir82

    Two people inventing a relationship with no meaningful interaction whatsoever.

    LOL! The perfect definition of JW "courtship".

    In our congregation, we had a recent wedding, 2nd marriage for both, both in early 30's.

    They took great pains to ensure, and bragged about, never spending a moment alone prior to the wedding day.

    These are putative "adults" who spent every moment in each others' company with a chaperone - always.

  • Village Idiot

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