Message from Designer Stubble to the former JWR members

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  • shepherdless
    I cannot believe the schoolyard slapping that is going on now. It sure isn't making us X JWR's looking any good.

    I was thinking the ex JWR's are very quickly adapting to the culture of this site. In my limited experience, people have always been less afraid to debate a point here.

    By the way, I am so glad so many people have made it here from JWR. Even though I didn't post a lot there, I read it a lot and I feel like I know many of you. There are still a number of regulars that haven't made it here, thus far.

    I am hoping someone can recover some of those meme's from JWR. They were brilliant.

  • slimboyfat

    I never read it at all. Was there quality stuff on there like there is in the archives here from Leolaia, AlanF and so on that it would be a shame to lose?

  • shepherdless
    Was there quality stuff on there like there is in the archives here from Leolaia, AlanF and so on that it would be a shame to lose?

    Just going from memory:

    • There were some videos on cults and how they behave, which I haven't seen here.
    • There were merged threads which acted like libraries on discrete issues (which I suspect gave the administrators grief in trying to maintain).
    • There were things like the "Steven Lett Appreciation Thread" which I think was mostly Fugue's creation, and was very funny.
    • There was a thread titled "Religious or Political Memes" which had been added to over time (years) and was hilarious.
    • There were a lot of particular threads (like libraries) for lurkers who had doubts or were emotionally traumatized.

    I am sure others can add to, or correct, this list.

  • blondie

    Just a question, are all your comments gone or can they be found with a google search on the main google website? I see many from JWN, try JWR.

  • JaneM

    Fugue!! Your posts!! They were so powerful for me and my friends when we were waking up!!! We used to screenshot them and send them to each other and copy and paste links in our group messages. Man oh man...Such an articulate compilation of logic needed for those trying to simplify their thoughts when having doubts...

    If you decide to make a new site, I'll help in any way I can.

  • Ladybug Girl
    Ladybug Girl

    Keeping JWR up and going was a great accomplishment. I had been there from 2012 onward and I thought, overall, it was very well moderated. There were some folks who were rightly kicked off chat and then the board itself. I think overall what was best for the site's constituents was done.

    I went for more than 15 years without speaking to anyone who was a fader or DF'd and really spoke to few about my doubts but those I did speak to really didn't understand my JW background and I'm very grateful I had a site like JWR to pour over.

    I don't agree how Rifter ended the site & I like the idea of keeping up an archive (maybe with names removed) but it looks like that it was his baby and his decision to make and that he told the other moderators what he was doing beforehand out of his respect for them. What I don't understand is how he picked some of the moderators and why some didn't do more to help out DS, Palimpsest, Rifter and Borgia. Maybe there was some behind-the-scenes work I didn't see from some mods but I always thought someone like Fugue should have been a mod and for whatever reason, he wasn't. Anyway, it was Rifter's choice in the end and that's his right.

    I would have liked to print my intro thread and a couple of other comments I wrote but that was on me and you know, c'est la vie. I know I got closure faster from being there but when I joined I don't think JWFacts was up and running and now there's this site and other recovery spots that's great to have. I think there's different levels of recovery and I think the key is to keep searching and talking to others if you know there's an underlying fear or shame you have that's not being resolved. Even though I feel much better and my life is pretty good, I still go to therapy. I'm not saying that this is for everyone but I still find some value in going and as long as I can afford it and find some value in it, I consider this personalized help that goes beyond JWR or any recovery site that can benefit my life. Some of the things I accepted as a JW or with a JW-mindset covered up other things that were my own personal problems or emotional crap of others like parents that I accepted as my own personal problems. It all comes down to handling your own personal crap.

    I will say that after reading and commenting for four years on JWR, I grew a lot and became an ex-ex with a different perspective than I did even two years ago. I don't plan on participating here much since I do feel I should move on but I'm grateful this site is here.

    I would like to publicly thank DS who I think was the hardest working moderator on JWR, as well as Palimpsest and Rifter for keeping the site going while I was there. I also learned a lot from Borgia and wish him peace, love and happiness. I am grateful for the ex-ex JW friends I've made there as well. There were some fabulous commenters who also made the site the great site it was and well, you know who you are if you're reading this :)

    Much love,

    Ladybug Girl

  • thehotone4u2

    Fugue! Count on me for support should you manage to reopen the site!

    Tallula! Always be a badass in my mind! How are you? Yup, I should have been copying the posts I was interested in keeping. But truthfully, it never occurred to me that someone would just pull the plug and walk off. Why would it? Who in their right mind would do such a thing?

    Mickey Mouse! I don't recall being much of a problem for JWR. There were times when my post turned out to be considered too controversial or inappropriate for the site, and I agreed with that after a mod pointed it out. We're talking twice out of several hundred posts. The mod team were top notch and hard working. I'm sure it felt like a thankless job. That being said, however, and with all due respect to Tallula, Rifter's act here was simply childish. I'm glad I was given the opportunity to voice my displeasure. If this bothers you, believe me when I say it bothered the hundreds of people who were disrespected and disappointed! Seriously! I have no idea what prompted such a rash decision, but I'm absolutely positive it wasn't that the site became stagnant. No, Rifter is going through some sort of personal problem and has thrown a fit. We've all been there, especially as ex JW's. JWR was a good idea, and it was bigger than Rifter's bruised ego. He should be the bigger man and turn it over. My rant wasn't pointed at you, no need for you to take it personally.

  • Gargamel

    I would definitely have saved some of those mocked-up watchtower covers :)

    In the meantime (hope this works):

  • TallaulahB

    It's okay HotOne-I'm really not mad at you. And let me be clear, I don't think the closing of the site was properly executed. But I can't be all butt-hurt about it and I know that there are so many other resources out there; it's not like it was ten or even five years ago.

    @Shepherdless--that's the thing about being here. My mechanism for being circumspect kind of flies out the window. That's not JWD's fault, but I don't like that I am more willing to scrap with people on here. I could be a very good (bad?) troll but it's kind of ugly, boring and small. I'll figure out my "voice" on here eventually.

    @Gargamel--I love my Big Beastie! Just hit me up at [email protected] and this is for you!" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

    hm. that embedded weirdly. whatevs.

  • Simon

    We welcome everyone who has come from JWR and I can understand some people being unhappy about the situation and wanting to vent but at the same time, I don't know all the issues and the history and we don't want it taking over this site. You may not like the final outcome but being angry with people who are taking the time to explain isn't going to help.

    Sometimes there are no great choices - it's impossible to please everyone equally. One thing I appreciate is when people are obviously unhappy with a decision I have made and disagree with the choice but can look beyond that at the bigger picture and the intent - sometimes it's about the greater good and overall health of the community than trying to make sure everything is 100% fair to everyone which is impossible.

    I'm sure there are reasons for the choices made. Very often there are reasons that we (site owners) can't tell the whole story (yes, even when it would be damning to some asshole making an issue over something). At the end of the day, the decision has been made and it's better to accept and learn to live with it and respect that the decision is for the person to make. We can think it's wrong, we can say so ... but then let's move on.

    Please, leave any history and disagreements behind, make a fresh start here and don't try to carry anything on other than friendships.

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