Message from Designer Stubble to the former JWR members

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  • TastingFreedom

    Good memories and some of the best prolific writing happened on JWR.

    I do remember many of you guys. I don't blame you guys for trying to become ex ex-JWRs... I did that myself a couple years ago.

    Just saying Hi and hope you're moving on with your lives.


  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Hey Mark it's nice to hear from you

  • watersedge

    I also was a member of JWR for years and had many lasting connections there.

    The lack of warning that it was being closed is most unfortunate - there are many I would have liked to say thank you and goodbye to, in addition to having the option to arrange to stay in touch with others.

    In thinking about Rifter's choice to so abruplty close down JWR, I can't help but liken it to the way the JWs instantly cut off anyone who leaves the cult. It felt very similar, though in a different way.

    The end result could have been achieved via a much more compassionate path. While I am forever grateful to Rifter for keeping JWR going after Moxie's departure, I do wish we had been afforded advance notice that the closure was coming.


  • slimboyfat

    I never read the forum at all. Did anyone ever write anything on the site that was worth keeping? Those who ran the site apparently didn't think so.

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