Do You Think Trump Will Make A Comeback?

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  • Rocketman123

    The problem is that he expects fellow Republicans to put loyalty to

    him above loyalty to the Constitution and their oath of office.

    Good point TD

    Trump assembled his own constitution which stated you better be loyal to him irregardless of established laws, rules, information, intellectual honesty and truth.

  • minimus

    Maybe Trump believes that fellow Republicans are not being loyal to the Constitution and their oath of office.

  • TD

    Maybe he does, Min, but I hope not...

    The two examples I gave (Pence & Ducey) are pretty clear cut

  • OnTheWayOut

    Min: Regarding if he runs again you say he can steal more money this way, what money did he steal as POTUS?

    Violating the foreign emoluments clause that prohibits federal officeholders from receiving any gift, payment, or other thing of value from a foreign state or its rulers, officers, or representatives- Trump granted influence to those that bought real estate and stayed at resorts, joined his country clubs, rented out entire floors at Trump hotels (especially in D.C), and he especially sold influence to those that leased offices at NYC and San Francisco buildings among others.

    Coronavirus crippled his incredible raking in of moneys as influence buyers started staying at home.

    Also, staying at his own resorts and super over-charging the Secret Service to have rooms and use the honor bars and all that- to the tune of several millions.

    While his his attempt to host the G-7 Summit at his property failed, there was plenty of smaller day-to-day business at Mar-A-Lago, so that's the real reason he golfed so much despite saying he would not.

    I know- Min, you won't let facts get in your way despite swearing that you won't get fooled again.

  • FFGhost

    I don't generally like to post twitter on here, but this is too good to pass over.

    TL:DR - Trump is toast.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I think "The Swamp" that runs the USA is making a point to anyone on the outside that they will be crushed if they try to interfere in their Government slush fund in the may that Trump did.

  • Rattigan350

    Trump is still president. Why would ne need a comeback?

  • Rocketman123

    Pretty hard to make a come back when your here ......

    Michael Cohen mocks Trump with image of former president behind bars |  TheHill

  • minimus

    Otwo, regarding your analysis, nothing Trump did was illegal. Stop look’ing at CNN and the lens of msnbc.

  • minimus

    Rocket man that pic is fake . Lol

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