Is Being a “Manly Man” a Bad Thing?

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  • Nevuela

    "Shaving commercials are now lecturing us as to how bad we really are - I look forward to Gillette putting out a commercial that tells women not to get grumpy during their periods."

    In other words, basically every other commercial targeted at women over the past century? We've been surrounded by all forms of media telling us to smile and shave and diet and cook and clean and dress nice and be perky all our lives.

  • Giordano
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  • Nevuela

    "I'm not sure who invented the term 'toxic masculinity' but everybody who uses it should be embarrassed by their own stupidity."

    I'm embarrassed for you for thinking you have a valid point when what you really have is just further proof that toxic masculinity is self-damaging to men such as yourself.

    "Being a responsible man is not synonymous with becoming more like a woman."

    At no point did anyone anywhere ever say that it was. Why are you choosing to gender intangible concepts such as responsibility? Nobody ever said that men should be more like women. They've been saying that they should be less self-damning and more supportive of each other. THAT is what toxic masculinity is about: not hiding your emotions or ridiculing other men and boys for showing theirs. Telling someone to "man up" is incredibly damaging because it tells them that having feelings that are perceived as weak makes them weak and therefore worthy of contempt.

    "Women who push this misguided doctrine on a generation of boys are hypocrites. Study after study demonstrates that women ultimately choose men with typically masculine physical and psychological traits."

    None of this has anything to do with masculine TRAITS. You need to stop seeing what is clearly not there. And by the way, MOST women prefer men who ARE sensitive in certain ways, such as being openly affectionate with their children, doing something romantic for their SO, and being unafraid to be caught enjoying hobbies and entertainment that is seen as feminine. You can be both soft and rugged, you know. I know a few men like this personally.

  • Simon

    The Gillette ad is just the latest in a long line of corporate virtue signalling. The only real signal is that some leftist activist has got a job in marketing high enough to try to nosedive the corporation.

    I don't know men that act like some in that ad do - really, who does that?

    The equivalent ad would be, on women's day, to remind women not to be cheap whores, to use their sexuality to get things, to cry to get their way, to cat fight, backstab and bitch about other women and to make up false rape claims. Oh, and especially not to get emotional every month.

    I'll look forward to them running such and ad and the rioting that will commence. Until then, Gillette can go swivel if they think they'll get any money from me.

    Meanwhile, the feminists can bitch about how the company charges them more for pink razors and ignore their own stupidity for paying for it.

    There is a problem with toxic masculinity - that the world wants to make real masculinity toxic. The world needs real men, the ones who do the right thing, who stand up for what is right, who save and protect but do it with a gentle and calming spirit. If you don't think men are like that - then maybe you should look at the type of men you associate with and ask why you make such poor choices.

  • blondie

    I just buy non-pink razors even if they are marketed for men.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    A brilliant, very in-depth analysis of the ad:

    The comments are quite interesting too.

  • smiddy3

    I loved your contributions Giordano , I had started Judo as a teenager about a year or so before i was contacted about the JW`s and soon after gave it up .

    I`ve always regretted it because I loved practicing the sport .

    And I personally believe that martial arts should be promoted to young females especially at an early age if they are so inclined to take it on .

    It could save their lives or their virginity later on .

  • snugglebunny

    I haven't seen the ad. This is all over FB - is this it?

  • cofty

    Nevuela — You misrepresented my point entirely. I'm not going to waste time explaining in detail and getting accused of 'mansplaining'.


  • zeb

    Old Navy. spot on we see it here as well..

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