I understand your separating yourselves from the Org...BUT~

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  • JoenB75

    Anna Marina,

    Yeah I just hope you learned something from it

  • LV101

    waton -- orcas, eh? Thx for the correction and hopefully I won't forget.🤪 Guess I didn't learn much on all those catamaran trips!! I was so afraid of going on the ocean in such a small boat but once out a few miles from the shore -- the tranquility and sea life is amazing. People racing up and down Pacific Coast Hwy. have no idea what's a few miles from the road in the beautiful water.

  • waton
    waton -- orcas, eh?

    LV : pardon me if I am wrong, the flippers certainly look like killer whales, the markings on the belly unfamiliar in the local pds here, snout area looks like filter eaters.. I never got past the surf breaks on my longboard, but local orcas have impressive top fins.


  • LV101

    waton -- great link/thanks. The song is relaxing.🤣 and an oldie. Good ole Catalina Island.

    I don't know what that fish is and took a wild guess.

    Longboard -- sounds like you enjoyed the good life! I'd planned on being at beach full time by now but reckon not this season - bummer. The desert air/weather is incredible right now - fortunately.

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