I understand your separating yourselves from the Org...BUT~

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  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina


    True faith is letting go of beliefs

    Do you believe that?

  • truth_b_known
    The fact that there was an original man & woman is confirmed by genetics

    This is not confirmed by genetics, but rather a genetic possibility. Just as it is a genetic possibility that the human species exists due to several thousand breeding partners. If the former is true, it is not evidence that the 2 common human ancestors are the Biblical Adam and Eve.


  • punkofnice
    ..why have you left the God and his son?

    Of course I could be an old meanie and ask, 'which god and which son'?

    when I left the jobos, I still believed in a 'Christian' god. Of course, how would I know if Vishnu, Allah or Odin wasn't the real god? The evidence is just the same....missing!!

    I'm a little tired of all this god stuff. I will believe when there is sufficient actual evidence. If 'god' (whichever one), knew what would make me believe and hasn't, then either that god doesn't give a monkeys or doesn't exist.

    So, for now, just because a good scam has worked on masses of people, doesn't mean that I'll fall for it anymore.

    I agree with this......


  • shadowclone

    2 Peter 2:22

  • TD

    The fact that there was an original man & woman is confirmed by genetics,

    The articles I've seen quoted to that effect have been misrepresented via the conflation of two related, but different ideas. The idea of a possible common ancestor is very different than the idea of an original ancestor and I've never seen a scientific claim for the latter. The time scales involved also tend to become seriously distorted.

  • Rivergang

    The Bible has been described as being made up of "66 Fairy Tales, written by 40 different authors in three languages, on three different continents and over approximately 1600 years".

    After my reading of the Bible, the only part of the above description that I have issues with is the piece about "three different continents" (with the Sinai Peninsula being to the east of the commonly recognised border between Africa and Asia) !

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    The woman was formed from man's rib.

    It is way beyond mathematical probability for man to have evolved but let's say he did. Why did women evolve?

    What made men and women marry? And why marry each other? Was it accidental or had TV already evolved and transmitted soap operas to encourage this behavior? Or was there something else? When did legislation evolve? Is there written contemporaneous documentation establishing exactly when legislation evolved?

    Also why do men and women share this attribute - both cut down trees, turn the tree into paper and write on the paper 'save trees.' Other species don't do this.

  • JoenB75

    I pity those without faith, because man cant live of "bread" alone. But I also think many ex JWs mistake faith in God and a Bible they never understood (cause they were never taught it) with their faith in the JW story and JW org. Then they end up sour. Sadly utter rubbish such as Jesus never existed or was a copy of some other god, stuff almost any scholar rejects, is mixed up with a rejection of the basics of evolution although the Bible never adresses the issues of evolution, pro or contra.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    why have you left the God and his son

    I. Give up…you’re the expert with all the answers… you know you want to so go ahead…get it over with…tell us why.

  • punkofnice

    I find it interesting how a person of 'faith(tm)', usually has faith in the chosen deity of their culture. Ok, not always but mostly.

    I see the Western world is smitten with the Jesus and God IE the 'Christian(tm)' thing. Certain countries are smitten with Allah and 'Islam(tm)'. Others, all kinds of other stuff. It seems that Christianity(tm) and Islam(tm) are the 2 biggies we see.

    Faith(tm) (Which is the excuse people give when they have no proof of something), looks a bit geographical and cultural to me.

    Why do you think I abstain?

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