Some People Enjoy Being Jehovah's Witnesses For Various Reasons

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  • stillajwexelder

    Yiz - I hear what you are saying - but some of the old threads are the best

  • Vinny

    Neverending journey rides in acting all clueless and says:.."It's been interesting for me to see how so many posters who have not yet gotten over the shunning jump on others for such trivial "transgressions" as referring to the Jehovah's Witnesses as "the truth" out of habit or in stillas' case, admitting to remaining within the religion because of family ties and bonds. "

    Stlla does not have to build Kingdom Halls to keep up the fade. So stilla is (in hiw own words) a total hypocrite here. Cause stilla says from one side of his mouth he wants WT world taken down. But from the other side of his mouth he says he will keep building new Kingdom Halls cause he wants to and cause he likes to build things.

    Which is why many folks called still out.

    So when you whine and OUTRIGHT (((LIE))) saying that vinny is giving stilla a hard time just because he is remaining with the JW's because of family ties and bonds... then expect to be SPANKED for it.

    Sooo Bend Over Neverendingjourney.....

    I am healthy and just bought a new house.

    Life is good. Peace reigns. No complaints.

    Minimus, myself and others calling STilla out for his three step JW hypocrite shuffle has nothing to do with being bitter cause of JW's.

    Do you get that yet?

    Stilla has been taken to the wood shed already. And will likely get to go again if he keeps this thing up.

    Stilladakingdumhallbuilda and neverendinglyclueless

    What a team!


  • Reefton Jack
    Reefton Jack

    Going by previous comments from some posters here, being a JW fulfilled a certain social need that my late mother (never a JW) got from being a member of the Country Women's Institute.
    (Then again, some people lie, too!)

  • minimus

    Why was this thread bumped up in the first place??

    Don't bump up a thread and expect not to get a reaction. Ah, you'll miss old Minimus whether you realixze it or not.

  • looking_glass

    In some cases people have said that JWs made them strange, but personally I think strange people are attracted to the religion. JWs will accept you as long as you do what the WTBTS. So if you are a freak, JWs will still accept you. I have known many a mentally ill person who became a JW and people were thrilled. No one was wondering "hmm so this severally mentally ill person is seeking to become a member, maybe this isn't the best idea". No it was always "how many got bpt'd at the assembly". They accept everyone. Granted once you get in, that is when they become all judgemental and haters. But heck before then ... they all are all happy shiny people.

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