Some People Enjoy Being Jehovah's Witnesses For Various Reasons

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  • wannaexit

    I thought I was serving God, and I would get life in paradise on earth. I think most are in the borg for this reason.

    I know of elders that do not like being elders and I know pioneers that do not like to pioneer and I know people in the school that would rather not. But they do it because they feel they are doing God's will.

    True some are on a power trip and love the attention that position and priviledge gives them but for the most part most do it because they truly beleive this is God's way.

  • blacksheep

    As a disclaimer, I NEVER enjoyed being a JW. I was raised one, so I really didn't have much of a choice.

    But, my observation over the years has been, yes, indeed some people DO enjoy being JW's for a variety of reasons. I really do think those who join on their own as opposed to being raised as one fall into this category more often.

    I know my mother enjoyed a certain "status" as a pioneer and well-respected member of the congregation that she could not get elsewhere in life (or at least she thought she could not). I really feel she thought she couldn't make it in the "in" crowd in life in general, but she felt warmly embraced and accepted in the JW crowd, provided she did all the things that were hallmarks of a "good witness."

    Also take a look at the noble elders, who generally are janitors, pool cleaners, construction workers, whatever business allows them to be "no part of the world," corporate or elsewhere. Janitor by day, they are the esteemed elders by night and on weekends. In their holier-than-though, all-powerful roles, they decide the fate of individuals in the congregation. They are looked up to, respected, listened to. Where else can they possibly get this kind of respect???

    I've always said, JWism offers men much more than women. The smart women usually figure this out, that is, if they are not already too entrenched and trying to live out their own "status" fantasy (as my mother is, I am sure).

  • minimus

    I believe there are a few that are JW's because they think it pleases God. But I think that those that LOVE being a Witness feel that way because they are feeling prestige and honor that they wouldn't be accorded any other way......Good comments!

  • FLDude

    The points so far are great. I've got a couple of more reasons to add:

    1) they have family in the borg, and don't want to lose contact with them (ie shunning) by coming out of the JW faith. There are 2-3 people I know personally who are this way, who know the WT is bull**** and are too intelligent to believe in it.

    2) the borg culture serves as a type of antidepressant medication. They're told that feeling stressed by 'this old system,' being overwhelmed by day to day life, etc., is normal. This is contrasted with happy, cheerful worldlings. Something is wrong with THEM, and their lack of attention to the 'really important things,' or spiritual things (here this phrase means what the WT wants you to do and believe). Not only that, the worldlings are enjoying the life of decadence and ungodliness this old system has to offer. The depresssed JW receives total support and friendship from fellow JWs as long as they're believing the troof and 'being faithful in meeting attendance and field service.' This reinforces the mental condition of the depressed JW. Depression is made to seem as normalcy to this person's mind. My ex actually refused treatment when I begged her to get it, which is the main reason I filed for divorce. Nothing was wrong with her, I was the one at fault since I was questioning the WT.

    And, I'm not sayng I'm all perfect. I had this problem myself, and finally got away from the org and its fake treatment. In fact, my journey is to the point of working on positive traits now. After several years and a couple of good counselors, I've largely been able to eliminate the negative JW thinking. I don't mean to brag, I've just been pretty lucky in my post-JW journey. I couldn't have done it without God and some true "worldly" friends.

    I hope this hasn't gone off topic. I've never been able to put this in so few words, and felt like it was time.

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    Please, anybody, show me the PROOF that JWs are the "TRUE" religion. If I or you look at the various "works", deeds and the "behind the scene" actions of the Governing Body and the various elders spread throughout the land, a very different truth or reality is revealed. If I or you look at the FACTS available on many topics concerning the Jehovah's Witnesses, our eyes become opened and our heart will once again rejoice as we start to become free of enslavement to the teachings and doctrine of men.

    And finally, if almighty God would allow you to see for a few brief seconds into the hearts of those that promote falsehoods and those that have caused the pain and suffering in the WTB&TS, you too will see the fire that burns for the truth that has been polluted by the pride and arrogance of man that lusts for power and control instead of true brotherhood and love for all of Mankind. Yes, you will see the truth that is on it's way.

    Judgment Soon, ....time is all there is left........

    Mr. KIM

  • tsomski

    There are many categories of JW's finding enjoyment through the whole system:

    1) "The stage lovers".

    2) "The power seekers"

    3) The sister "I-would-be-an-elder-if-I-was-a-man"

    4) "Brother barbeque-picnic"

    5) Brother I-bought-my-new-car-and-want-to-show-it-off

    This is only a small sample that comes to my mind.I can come with a lot more.The conclusion is that there are people that find a meaning even though the foundations are built in sand..........

    But all this should not suprise us.The JW society is just another organization with people.Doesn't the same thing happen in all other groups?

  • minimus

    FLDUDE----"Depression is normal" to a JW------Great point!!!......We're SUPPOSED to be sighing and groaning.....TSOMSKI----Good list and WELCOME!!!

  • be wise
    be wise

    Alright minimus, wasn't an orgy or owt. I was young myself - about 14 so the kid must have been about 8 I think-problems for the future I think for his dad.

  • Victorian sky
    Victorian sky

    Some people love the attention. They are so special God chose them personally, the Devil is after them, they are so spiritual demons see them as a threat,. I definately agree with the other comments that the borg is the only way some people get respect or power they crave. I knew quite a few uneducated, practically illiterate men serve as elders and mispronounce words from the platform. Yet he'd get a pat on the back after his part. I also think the concept of the worldwide brotherhood is attractive to many. It was cool to think that I could travel to any part of the world and be welcomed by other witnesses. It took me years to realize how conditional that love is and how easily that spirit of brotherhood is broken. I'm very grateful to be free. - Victorian Sky

  • wheres caleb?
    wheres caleb?

    I think a person's actions dictate motive. When I would see elders displaying authoritative posturing, I wondered if they knew anything about accountability. The elders that I would associate with were very studious, but I couldn't be impressed because it was to have one up on another. They loved correcting each other over very trivial issues. I would have to say, of those that I have associated with, many were doing it for the prestige that they imagined they had. It would be difficult for me to describe it as 'serving'. They never accept responsibility for anything (the clever ones that don't get caught); or they twist issues to avoid accountability. They get to pretend to be something that they are not and have the 'imperfection' excuse to bail them out of any impropriety.

    One elder believed that it didn't matter what he said about anything, if he were wrong it was because Jehovah wanted him to be wrong. Claiming to be appointed by holy spirit is not understood by many elders, but that's another issue. I can't see myself enjoying the life of a JW because I'm not 'brain-dead' --- at least not yet. Walking into a Kingdom Hall, I would see elders who were unapproachable, people suspicious of each other, guarded, sarcasm, all kinds of unfriendly behavior. And yet this is supposed to be God's organization run by Jesus Christ.

    When I see them acting on their beliefs, maybe I'll start believing that they have the 'truth'. How people can enjoy being witnesses when they disregard the most fundamental aspects of being a christian, demonstrates to me, that they worship for self-serving reasons. Their actions are all the proof I need.

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