Some People Enjoy Being Jehovah's Witnesses For Various Reasons

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  • minimus

    Caleb, most elders aren't that studious. There's usually on a couple on a body that's somewhat on the ball. As far as biblical research is concerned---Forget it!

  • stillajwexelder

    Sorry - another thread I had to bump - for reasons of IRONY

  • ozziepost

    I get the point!

  • Vinny

    Stop crying Stilla and Ozzie. Your are both acting like little babies.

    Stilla was called out for BUILDING NEW KINGDOM HALLS, which he still does cause he says he likes to build things.

    Here is the thread:

    If you don't like catching some heat for building new Kingdom Halls then try defending yourself rather than running off like a two year old as you did.

    Anybody that says they want WT world taken down but instead BUILDS NEW HALLS is a total hypocrite.

    Instead of dealing with the issue on that thread, that Ozzie just locked, stilla posts up on this one.

    And NOTHING defending his own Kingdom Hall building jobs.

    What a joke!

  • stillajwexelder

    I confess and admit to being a total hypocrite. OK Vinny? That work for you?

  • Vinny

    Then why CONTINUE building new Kingdom Halls?

    Answer up this time instead of running off.

  • stillajwexelder


  • Vinny

    Stilla finally tells us JUST WHY he continues to build new Kingdom Halls promoting the JW religion. The very same religion he says he wants taken down.

    Stilla's explanation for building new Kingdom Halls:


    Your credibility with me Stilla is ZERO.



    Enjoy building new Kingdom Halls Stilla.

    With more folks like Stilla, building new Kingdom Halls, the WT Society is sure to fold soon!

    Good job Stilla.


  • Mary
    Minimus said: These comments show that PLENTY of people are or have been willing to stay in the organization for all the WRONG reasons. I know of a few that know much is either "ridiculous" or simply not what they will follow, yet because they have "friends", they don't want to go out.

    That describes my oldest sister to a T. She has never believed that Jesus returned invisibly in 1914, she did not believe The End was coming in 75 and she does not believe that Armageddon is coming in her life time. She thinks the Revelation Climax book is the biggest load of shit ever printed. There are various other things that annoy her, such as 'women, know your place' and 'quit drinking so much', so she just doesn't pay any attention to it. However, she and my brother in law have alot of social prominence in the congregations, they are invited everywhere and have a close circle of friends.

    In the few times that we've talked about the religion, I ask her why she stays if she doesn't believe some of the main doctrines and invaribly she says it's because she still believes in Jehovah, it gives you a hope for the future and (surprisingly) she claims that "no one else is doing the preaching work". When I pointed out that she is actually preaching about something that she doesn't even really believe in (ie. that Jesus returned in 1914 or that The End is nigh), she gets aggitated. She tried talking our other sister into going back to the meetings with the superior attitude that "no one else is doing the preaching work" and a host of other crap. Since our other sister has been gone for 30 years, she hasn't a clue what's in the bible and had no idea how to respond. Fortunately, I do.

    I told her "next time [our oldest sister] says that 'only the Witnesses are doing the preaching work', ask her "what about the Mormons or those that send missionaries to places like Africa? So she did. Big sister didn't know what to say. LOL!!

    I think alot of us on here have had to give up on the close friendships we had when we still went. It's not easy, but there's a big wide world out there where you can make new ones.

  • Mary

    Oh shit.....I just realized this is another oldie thread revised...........

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