Some People Enjoy Being Jehovah's Witnesses For Various Reasons

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  • minimus

    Some individuals truly enjoy being Jehovah's Witnesses. I think about those that would have liked to be in acting. Well, having a part in a demonstration in the Service Meeting or giving a talk in the Theocratic Ministry School gives one the opportunity to act, be melodramatic, show a little comedic talent,etc. Some like being JW's so that they can feel pious or holier than their neighbor. Some also enjoy persecution. It makes them feel closer to God.....Can you think of other reasons why some want to be Jehovah's Witnesses???

  • OrbitingTheSun

    I enjoyed Bible studies because no other religious group, that I was exposed to, taught the historical context of the stories.

  • BluesBrother

    Why did I enjoy it at one time?

    I liked the idea of the New World

    It gave a feeling of smugness because we knew special information that all the rest of the world did not

    We had a relationship with God, the rest were deluding themselves

    I did not have to concern myself about the problems of the world

    I had a social circle of people from all ages and different backgrounds

    I enjoyed a certain status in the cong and could stand up and give talks, even go to other congs and give them

    Pity it was all a load of Bull****

    And this does not mention the downside of having to go door to door, a treadmill of demands on me, interminable elders meetings etc etc

  • stillajwexelder

    I used to enjoy being a witness because I was a brother -- Ray Franz discusses it in his book Crisis Of Conscience . I "reached out" and became an MS then an elder --the training on the Theocratic Ministry School when you consider it is free -- is far better than paying good dollars out for public speaking courses -- I got to give Public Talks away at other congregations -- and it used to give me great feelings when brothers and sisters would come up to me after and say that was a brilliant talk brother -- I really enjoyed such and such a point -- and I could go on -- believe it or not I used to enjoy elders meetings especially if I could correct a fellow elder and use a scripture or letter from The Society to prove my point -- it must be much more difficult for a sister. Now I am not saying my feelings were christian -- they are not -- but it is how I felt and I know many brothers who feel the same. They enjoy being witnesses no mattter what. I have heard Jews say -- if God himself came down to earth and told me the law of moses was wrong -- keeping sabbath etc -- I would not believe him--- likewise there are many JW elders/MS/CO/DO - who if Charles T. Russell himself came back and told them they were following the wrong course -- many modern day JW swould not believe him -- they genuinely enjoy being JWs even if it is al lfor the wrong reasons

  • minimus

    These comments show that PLENTY of people are or have been willing to stay in the organization for all the WRONG reasons. I know of a few that know much is either "ridiculous" or simply not what they will follow, yet because they have "friends", they don't want to go out. Enjoying their limited association with their so-called "friends", keeps them where they are.

  • kgfreeperson

    I think in many ways it must be like being in the military. As long as you understand and follow "the book" and can either accept or ignore the inconsistencies and stupidities, you have a well-ordered, predictable and stable life. If you look about you and see people living chaotic and/or sordid lives, and you fear that without the discipline that JWs (or military) gives you you would be a mess, then I think it would take a major upheaval--or even several of them--to consider letting go.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Sorry, that I'm out, I can't imagine *how* anyone could possibly enjoy neon light which "bulbs" are toxic and ever-changing, faux/conditional friendships, the constant threat from a vengeful god hangin' over their heads and havin' to constantly keep up a facade of purity in order to maintain acceptance...along with always coming under scrutiny for one's words, thoughts and/or deeds by the judgMENTAL....unless, of course....they're into an S&M existence, that is....

    Frannie B

  • stillajwexelder

    I think in many ways it must be like being in the military. As long as you understand and follow "the book" and can either accept or ignore the inconsistencies and stupidities, you have a well-ordered, predictable and stable life.

    Perfectly said -- the military analogy is a good one -- many people really love being in the military -- others do not understand why soemone would want to 1) risk getting killed, 2) Be bullied or have to take orders blindingly from a higher ranking officer 3) Be prepared not to be christain and kill someone if necessarry ---- etc. etc. etc. But it gives them a dicsciplines stable way of life.

    The truth is no different -- and that is why some trully enjoy being witnesses despite all the glaring and obvious unscriptural and other inconsistencies

  • kgfreeperson

    Thanks. I've been working hard at understanding all this, and it helps to know I've got part of it right!

  • minimus

    I've heard the discipline thing too. Some feel that they CAN'T be disciplined themselves. They feel outside influences are necessary.

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