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  • northern girl
    northern girl


    Are you bragging or complaining?

    n g

  • teejay

    Neither, NG. My post has nothing to do with me but only with you and your betrayal of your god, how he is aware of it, and how you will pay for it one day. Sorry.

  • northern girl
    northern girl


    Thanks for all your concern ... best you worry more about your own future. I feel very secure in mine. What makes you think you are so special to consider yourself a true adversary? If you do then you do think you are in opposition to the true God ... and yet you do nothing about it except find fault with someone who is trying to do the right thing?

    n g

  • Inquiry

    Well, NG is leaving... back to the borg...

    It's truly remarkable how hot/cold you are here... in all honesty, I don't beleive a word you say. I don't beleive your here to cause anything but trouble... I think you use this place to spew all your anger, all your disappointment and all your've done this since you first started posting. I have no doubt that you have been a dub... as I have no doubt you are an angry, bitter person. I've watched you from your first post, and even though many here have given you a chance, you end up doing what you came here to do... spew.... Your not looking for happiness, your looking for a fight.

    I for one, won't miss you when your not here... I hope you get the help you so obviously need. And I can't think of a better reward for the dubs than to have the likes of you heaped on them! I call that, real poetic justice! I think in this case that the WT is in need of our best wishes.... heheheheh....

    Good luck... and good riddance... but I have a feeling you won't stop posting any time soon....


  • Zoewrex

    NG - I wish you well and think it was open minded of you to join in on this group of believers, non-believers, somewhat-believers and so forth. I'm sorry you won't be around and wonder if we'll ever 'see' you in the future? Enjoy your journey.

    Others - Spiritual journeys are just that. They must be explored individually. This is an excellent forum to request information, research and advise. Condemning someone for something they believe is ‘true’ is counterproductive. I may not agree with NG’s personal decision – but that decision is HERS to make. Not YOURS and this isn’t the thread to air that argument out.

  • herk

    NG -

    I know I don't have to speak for teejay, but I just can't resist making some comments here.

    best you worry more about your own future. I feel very secure in mine.

    Yes, you feel very secure now. But how secure would you feel if your elders knew you were here among those they consider the worst enemies of what they call "God's organization"? It seems you have practiced deceit for so long that you don't even know how to be honest with yourself, let alone be honest with other people.

    What makes you think you are so special to consider yourself a true adversary?

    How distorted can your thinking actually be? You know very well that the ones who have singled us out as "special" are the WT Society and its elders. Many of us don't give a hoot about what the Society thinks of us, but they sure do give us a lot of attention. Focusing on each one of us as "a true adversary" is their doing, not ours.

    If you do then you do think you are in opposition to the true God ... and yet you do nothing about it

    Again, your thinking ability shows a great need for undergoing major improvement. We don't think we're in opposition to God, but the WT Society does. The difference between you and us is that you can think only as the Society thinks for you. Anyone in his right mind with clear thinking ability knows that a man-made organization that tries its best to control the lives of other people is not doing any great favour for God.

    except find fault with someone who is trying to do the right thing?

    Freely mingling with so-called "apostates" is "the right thing"? Deceiving your elders is "the right thing"? Being reinstated under false pretenses is "the right thing"?

    Zoewrex -

    Thanks for your point of view, but no thanks. This may be our last opportunity to help NG get her head screwed on right. Your attempt at interference might be more hurtful to her than anything we've said or tried to do.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    In my best Troy McClure (Simpsons) voice:

    "Hasta la pasta, BAY-BEE!"

    Think of us when the WTS tells you that Armageddon came invisibly in 1975, when the antitypical Jeremiah class gathered in Cedar Point, Ohio for the "Fart in Harmonious Unity" international convention. There they met the antitypical Hilkiah class for a family reunion.

    When we gather in our upper chambers to celebrate October 1, 2014, we will think of you.

  • teejay

    >>>> What makes you think you are so special to consider yourself a true adversary?

    You misunderstand. For one, I'm not special. I just know the Jehovahs.

    Secondly, I don't view myself as an apostate, but from the standpoint of a true JW (supposedly you), I am one. I don't worship your god. I seriously doubt there is a god and if there is, its name ain't the made-up "Jehovah." Further, if there was a god and she/he/it was concerned about truth, it would have nothing to do with your religion, based on your religion's pagan history, errant teachings and shady (even criminal) practices. So, whether there's a god or not, I can say for certain that you don't have the truth.

    Coming from someone who was raised in the Truth(tm), is that apostate enough for you?

    >>>> If you do then you do think you are in opposition to the true God ... and yet you do nothing about it except find fault with someone who is trying to do the right thing?

    I'm not finding fault with you, but sorry... you are NOT doing the right thing. You're doing the typical JW thing. Please men. Re-read what Herk posted earlier. Print it out and tape it on your bathroom mirror. It was right on the mark. You should seriously think about what he said. While I'm not a believer, supposedly you are. As such, you must believe that Jehovah knows everything, including your betrayal of him here.

    Yes, you've successfully hidden your sin from the elders and may have their approval. And you may even be able to cover your secret sin until Armageddon. If so, enjoy your time with your friends at the Hall. Just know that the day will come when you will pay for your mistakes.

    From what I know of him, Jehovah don't play. Adam ate a single apple and is dead forever. You REPEATEDLY and WILLINGLY associated with god's enemies. To him, what does that make you?

  • shotgun

    WOW......Northern Girl you really stirred up a hornets nest.

    I'm new to the forum and also new to sharing my inner thoughts with anyone like I do on this forum..What Herk said concerning fear of man is what holds me back from discussing my inner thoughts not fear of God and I'm sure its what will forever hold you back from ever being as open and honest to your brothers and sisters as you are to this forum. I had told you previously not to frequent this site but you have so much emotion in your comments and your also very quick to make a sharp retort that girl I think you'll need more of an outlet than commenting at the weekly meetings. You really must have had to control yourself in those elders meetings.

    There have been alot of sharp words or comments on this thread but its because its a subject that still holds all of us to some small degree...if it didn't we would not be on this forum.

    My last words for you Northern Girl ...unless you decide to return now and then are this. Follow the example Jesus and his disciples layed out in the scriptures, when it comes to matters of how you should treat ones no matter what the Org says. Even when confronted with a women who had committed adultary he was kind and freely forgave. When you run into some one who has been df'd or da'd will you treat them as you would have wanted to be treated..with love.

    Jesus wanted mercy not sacrafice as littletoe often points out in his posts...that to me was a revelation of major proportion considering I don't think we emphasized that very much as JW's.

    If you want to be a good JW then so be it, but above all else be a good person.

    My best to you.

  • Vivamus

    Good luck Northern Girl. I hope you find happiness and peace. But please remember always, that you always have a choice, and you can always leave again, and be free here, in the world.

    Every decision you make, is the right one at that moment. But never think that because you made that decision, you cannot change it and take a different path to live your life. *My aunt said that to me*


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