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  • jgnat

    Never fear, Northern Girl. I liked you from the first. I tired of hitting the "brick wall" after a while, but maybe it is a good thing that you finish your quest and find out, for real, if what you truly need is at the KH. I still maintain you are too headstrong to make a good Witness. But hey, it makes you a very interesting human being!

  • northern girl
    northern girl

    This message is not for JERK ... it's for the rest of US.

    Your exelder mentality is showing. A proper elder can see the true heart condition of someone. How would you know from snippets here what my true feelings are? For obvious reasons you got kicked out ... who would want you? Elders are agents of Jehovah and carry out his work under his direction. If that little item didn't register with you, no wonder you are an ex. If I am accepted back that means Jehovah accepts me ... not just the elders.

    Do you have a problem with my liking most of the folks on this site? Does the fact that so many wish me well even though we dissagree bother you? In case you don't know, that is how reasonable adults get along in this system. Sounds like the word reasonable is not in your vocabulary.

    Be very glad you are accepted here ... I can't imagine anywhere else where you would last one minute!

    northern girl

  • ignored_one
    Elders are agents of Jehovah and carry out his work under his direction.

    Even the paedophile ones?

    What about the ones that were raping kids before, during and after they were made elders? Was the Holy Spirit on the blink that day?


    Ignored One.

  • northern girl
    northern girl

    ignored_one ... you are assuming you have all the facts. I disagree. Let's wait and see what is decided in the end.

    northern girl

  • ignored_one
    ignored_one ... you are assuming you have all the facts. I disagree. Let's wait and see what is decided in the end.


    The holy spirit is supposed to be controlled by God yes? God being perfect I would have expected it to get it right every time.

    The fact that someone can be made an elder despite being an active child molester says to me that the holy spirit had nothing to do with the decision.

  • StinkyPantz


    I hope that you continue to find what you are looking for, but as a newly reinstated one, it seems weird that you are still breaking the rules by coming here. Of course, I don't mind, stay! I just remember that when I was trying to get reinstated I didn't do things that were in direct violation of "The Society"'s rules (visiting apostate db's for example).

    As for ignored_one's comments. . some of us know several individuals who dealt with elders (aka "agents of Jehovah [that] carry out his work under his direction"), that knew of a pedophile and 1) warned no one and 2) in essence facilitated their atrocities. Agents of a loving God would not have allowed this SO many times.

    NG, take the farewells and move on with your life. Arguing with us won't help you. Go be the happy JW that none of us would ever want to be. I sincerely wish you luck.

  • herk

    NG -

    My message wasn't for you. It was for those who know as I do that you just aren't doing things right if your determination is to please God. You know I spoke the truth when I spoke of your being deceitful. In order to make a decision pleasing to the God of the WT, the elders have every right to know that you've been coming here. But you will never tell them that you have. And you know the reason why. You fear them far more than you fear God. Please be honest with yourself about that. Perhaps it will be the first step toward realizing that being one of Jehovah's Witnesses is equal to being a slave to imperfect men - nothing more and nothing less.

    By the way, I wasn't thrown out. I left once my eyes were opened to the fact that God would never bless as his own an organization that rejects many teachings of the Bible and gives preference to human rules instead.

  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.

    northern girl,

    I think I may have replied to one of your earlier posts with an air of contempt, so I can see no reason for adopting a different approach at this time of your imminent and much awaited departure.

    It seems that many here wish you well with your plans to return to the dogs vomit aka WTS, when really they wish for you to get what you deserve by doing so.

    Let's hope that you find fulfilment of bible prophecy at the kingdom hall and that you reap all the sweet rewards that gogs loving organisation can offer you.

    cheeses - and still those emoticon demons are antagonizing me.

  • Robdar


    If the JWs bring you closer to your concept of God, I wish you well in your journey. Farewell.


  • teejay


    Excellent post.

    I believe that NG has a good heart but, sad to say, when it comes to worshipping her god she has the typical JW mentality. At least a personality and motivation that is typical of most JWs I have known.

    Over the years when it comes to JWs I knew, I saw little effort on their part to come to know the spirit of biblical law. Their main concern was "what will the friends/brothers think?" rather than "what will my unseen but powerful god Jehovah think?" NG reflects this same mentality. She is a pleaser of men.

    As you so accurately say, while in a disapproved state (from the JW standpoint) she willingly associated with people who (from the JW standpoint) are god's fiercest enemies and who are little more than the minions of the devil. She justifies her actions, of course. They all do. I've long been aware of how watered-down the average JW is compared to the staunch advocates of truth that I knew as a kid.

    But as you pointed out so well, if there is a god then he is aware of how she betrayed him here. Maybe not this week or this year, but eventually she will pay for it, just as Saul paid for having gone to see the Witch of Endor.

    You can fool people but you can never fool god.

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