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  • Odrade

    So... even though the decision has been made to let you be reinstated, you must still be shunned for an entire additional week because of a power outage? Technically you are still disfellowshipped right? so if you are in a fatal car accident before the next Thursday night meeting, will all your brothers and sisters stay away from the funeral which your family will have to have in a mortuary home because you haven't been reinstated yet, due to a power outage? I'm very confused.

    I really hope you are happy back at the kingdom hall with your loving brothers and sisters, and I hope they welcome you back. Always follow your heart, and try and be kind and compassionate to others.


  • gambit

    Thanks for listening to me...

  • northern girl
    northern girl

    I am overwhelmed by the response of so many of you. When I first started on this site I thought I'd send out a few zingers and go away quietly. Then I got caught up in the swing of things. It's been a blast and now I have to move on. First a word to each of you wishing me well and I'm not at all the demonstrative type so any kindness from me has a double wallop!

    ballistic: MY Swan Song is my FAREWELL.

    stillajwexelder: Yes, I am making a free choice.

    William Penwell: Thanks ... I hope I find happiness too ... we were just getting into the debating too.

    jgnat: Lovely swan chicken. No hard feelings?

    SWAN: Tammy ... you are a true lady.

    run don't walk: I have no doubt I'll find what I'm looking for. Thanks.

    Frannie Banannie: Wish I could bottle your enthusiasm. (What does ttfn mean?)

    rocketman: Thanks for the help and good wishes.

    wednesday:'Be a friend to the misfits' ... I know what you mean and I don't intend to fade.

    Double Edge: Thanks ... I do have an open mind and I am truly free.

    Valis: Thanks for the good thoughts.

    Orbiting The Sun: Thanks so much for the kind words.

    Shotgun: You make a lot of good points ... thanks.

    tinkerbell82: Thanks for the kind words.

    SheilaM: 6 months you say????

    Country_Woman: It is my choice and thanks for the best wishes.

    Little Toe: Last Thursday a blackout ... what will happen this week?

    Englishman: I would never pull the leg of an Englishman.

    Been there: Thanks for your kind words and good wishes. So far that project is a no go.

    Big Tex: You are a truly kind and gentle man. Thanks so much!

    badolputtytat: You amaze me! Are you sure all those 'nice' words are for me? You are right ( you aren't ALL bad)

    Surreptitious: You don't pull your punches, do you? Neither do I. Thanks.

    Brummie: I'll miss you too! You are a good friend!

    cruzanheart: Thanks for being you! You were one of the first to welcome me here and your kindness is appreciated!

    Joker 10: Thanks.

    Odrade: "Always follow your heart, and try and be kind and compassionate to others" Well said!!!

    gambit: You were a real pleasure to listen to.

    Well I hope a lot of you are wrong and that I won't be back. My best thoughts to all ....

    northern girl


    Well Northern Girl, I don't know what else to say, but well.....good health and happiness, no matter what.

    Just when I was getting used to you; you're going. I hope your swan song takes your migration back here some day, if not, well...I'll hope you'll remember some of us: cared.

  • integ
    I am truly free.

    No you're not....... but best of luck anyway.


  • herk

    My message is not for Northern Girl. It's for the rest of us here.

    Did you notice that God is no part of the picture that Northern Girl presented to us? She seeks, not reinstatement with God, but with imperfect and heartless men. If she wanted God, she never would have ventured near this forum. God, as she comprehends him through the teachings of the WT Society, is examining her heart. Where was her heart when she came here to be in the midst of "apostates"? Surely she knew her God is fiercely against her doing so, as the WT so often emphasizes! She said the shunning was too much for her, but what about the condemnation of her ultra strict WT God? Was she able to face him in prayer or otherwise when she knew she was blatantly disobeying everything he stands for?

    According to the one she views as God, we are among his worst enemies, even agents of his arch-enemy the Devil. Does she think she has his forgiveness now simply because she fooled his human agents? They think she is truly repentant and sorry, but he knows better. He knows she is deceptive and will lie to men about what she really is just to get their approval. She knows he bitterly opposes lying and deception when dealing with his appointed elders or any representatives of his organization. They are not like the enemy with whom she is free to wage "theocratic warfare." She has employed such treacherous strategy against the theocratic organization itself!

    She tells us, "Well, my prayers have been answered and I am reinstated." Her prayers to who? Has her God listened with pleasure to her prayers? How could he when she has dealt treacherously with him and his representatives? Or does he feel that lying isn't nearly as bad as smoking? Does he think we can lie to the elders to our heart's content, as long as we no longer puff on a cigarette? That seems to be her belief.

    On the other hand, if her God is not pleased with lying, who are the ones who have answered her prayers? Isn't it the elders? Do you see how she has placed her elders above God? She knows her God would never oblige a hypocrite which is what she has been. Ah, but the elders? They have no idea how faithless and treacherous she has been to her God and to them. But to her, that doesn't matter. What matters is that the elders are willing to have her back. They mean far more to her than the one she claims is her God.

    How did she feel when the power outage caused a delay in her reinstatement? One might wonder if she approached her God to thank him profusely for an extension of opportunity to show that she is really sorry, not only for having been a smoker, but also for being such a deceptive liar. Did she think God was responsible for the delay because she had not been true to him or to the elders? I, for one, tend to doubt that the thought ever crossed her mind.

    She tells us that she "never wanted out." Out of what? A human organization, or a peaceful relationship with God? The answer is obvious. She's happy now, because, despite not knowing where she stands with the one she claims is her God, she is being welcomed back by her real God, the WT organization.

    Like most JWs, she believes that God in heaven is an old softy towards JWs, that he doesn't mind what they do, as long as they please the men on earth who claim to be his true servants. He's such an easy-going old gent that he doesn't even mind if she smokes. It wasn't HIS decision to throw her out. He's never said a word anywhere about the practice. Really, he hasn't. So, he's not the one that Northern Girl is interested in pleasing and winning over. She wants to please those she really has to fear--those elders who follow, not the guidebook of God, but the rulebook of the feared and dreaded WT Society!

    She knows very well that we are despised by the Society and the elders, but how did she bid us adieu? Did you notice? She wrote: "I take my leave and wish everyone well." What if her elders knew she said that? God knows, but she doesn't think he cares. But if the elders ever found out, the shunning would go on for probably several years if not until the day she dies.

    I am not condemning Northern Girl. I was that way once. I hope I'm not anymore. I also lived in daily dread and fear of other elders even though I was one myself. God knew my thoughts and deeds, and often I asked him to forgive me. But y'know sumpin'? I begged far more for his forgiveness when I knew the elders also knew of my little misdeed here or my big stumble there. That's when I really sweated it out! Like Little Miss Northern Girl, I worshipped men far more than I had regard for the one I claimed to be serving.

    I hope Northern Girl wakes up someday to reality, as I feel I did. I do know that humans no longer take centre stage in my life except to the extent that I want to do good things for them. I don't live in fear of them. Instead, after I left the WT Society I discovered what it means to love them. I hope that someday Northern Girl has enough love even for her elders so that she won't lie to them. I also hope that someday she loves God enough to respect what he thinks far more than what mere sinful mortals think.

  • ScoobySnax


    I don't think I ever chatted with you amongst all the chatter here. I just caught your post. I'm truly so happy for you, keep your eyes forward, and follow that path you're on. Someone said here that you "wasn't free". You are, be yourself. I'm proud of you, even if it does go against the grain here. Take good care of yourself. Love Scott xxx

  • talesin


    I will miss having you in my 'world'. If we ever had the chance to meet, you would have to shun me. That makes me feel sad for all you are giving up.

    Take care of yourself. You are a strong womin, so as Nina and Brummie said, look out for those in the cong that are alone. Be a real sister to them, and try to protect the children.



  • badolputtytat
    badolputtytat: You amaze me! Are you sure all those 'nice' words are for me? You are right ( you aren't ALL bad)

    Yep NG.... they really are for you. I dont hate anybody. I think I am more scared for you than anything. I know you and I didn't see eye to eye... but I aint nobody anyway... nevermind me. I hope you find what you are looking for.

    You see, the difference between me and those elders is... I cannot condemn you for what you believe, say, or think. I may get all upset and yell at you, even curse at you... but in the end.... I would never actually cut you off from existence. I couldn't hate you, couldnt shun you, couldnt walk past you in the street and pretend you didnt exist.

    One day perhaps you will come to your own conclusions. If you dont find the happiness that you seek in your return to the Watchtower Society... then please come back here. You may have to apologize to some people every now and then... but hell, so do I.

    again, I wish you the best.


  • berylblue

    herk, stellar post. Truly. I admire your eloquence and your points were right on the mark.


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