Circuit Overseer to Answer My Questions + Concerns...or Not

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  • Research

    Thanks guys. Mom just told me that since I made my decision by being baptized that it's now mandatory to go to meetings. She won't even let me call in instead. There are some of my mental health issues at play, to the point where I don't even care what happens anymore.

    She said if there was a bigger reason/if I no longer felt like going to the meetings (which I don't, for various reasons) I'd have to meet with the Elders. What about those who aren't disfellowshipped but disassociate, then?

    Pretty much if I want answers I'll have to call the Elder...even though I can't stand talking on the phone due to anxiety + I want written answers in detail, not just something that can be brushed aside.

    Mom also said that if I become Apostate she will try to kick me out and fight my step-dad on the matter. I know this makes me sound young and complainhitive with all this 'mom/dad' stuff. I'm old enough to be on my own, but am broke and no job, so that makes it difficult and nearly impossible.

  • Fadeaway1962

    Research if this is affecting your mental health you need to make a appointment to see your doctor and explain the issues with your mother etc they will be able to refer you to get professional help

  • Research

    Thanks Fadeaway1962.

    I have a psychological evaluation test on March 25th. But I don't know if I can go to the next meeting Tuesday or how much 'time I can buy' myself before my mom tries to kick me out. Just a little overwhelmed is all lol I tend to over-think things.

    I've lived a really sheltered life on top of it all, to where I leave the house maybe 1x a week and don't have any IRL friends except one out of town, and my disfellowshipped older sister. I'm afraid if I tell them they'll try to put me in a shelter or something...

  • Fadeaway1962

    Don't what country your in , that's probably kept to yourself but in the UK you could try calling the Samaritans they will listen and be able to access the help you need,

  • Research

    Thanks! Unfort. not in the UK, but I can try looking up other versions, I suppose.

  • Finkelstein

    Research all you have to do is stop going and shut up about the religion altogether, its activities and doctrines to your mother or whoever..

    Being that your baptized the door is now open to those elders to disfellowship at your congregation , based upon being an opposing apostate.

    These elders like to do that because it reasserts their own elevated power and its a show of loyalty to Jehovah for themselves and his earthly organization.

    They are going to try and hurt you to their digression, only if you let them.

    The qestion is are going to let them ?

    They will try to lure you into saying something and guilt you out at the same time in the process.

    The correct answer and objective is to simply say your going to keep your findings and decision personal to yourself. .......and be poignantly firm about that !

  • Finkelstein

    By the way trying to draw out factual information that may some way be demeaning or damaging toward "The" organization by its own supporting members like the elders or CO's, will only result in a prearranged scripted answer that may actually be full of lies and half truths.

    For example recently a GB member A Morris gave a talk discussing the recent accusations of the organization concealing incidences of pedophilia, he said " Well we didn't know that child sexaul abuse was a unlawful crime.

    Lying to protect the image of the organization is a constant plying endeavor with its engaged members, its expected and encouraged for all, from the very top GB members down .

  • Giordano

    You can't be forced to go to any meeting.

    Your mom is using coercion, a threat that she is going to kick you out of the house.

    But since your stepdad says no you should still have a roof over your head.

    If an Elder wants to meet with you....... remember that your mother has probably told a few Elders about your 'apostate' beliefs. So she is one witness against you.

    If even just one Elder wants to speak with you and you mention the same issues that Elder will be the second witness against you. The Elders would now have the Two Witness's they need.

    You need to have one issue that you claim has seriously stumbled you. Child sexual abuse....... it is both a crime and a terrible sin. Your fierce reaction to child sexual abuse may be the result of having been 'fondled' by a family member, an uncle or a cousin.

    I know that happened to me...I felt shamed and never spoke about it. I also never went into a private room with that person again when he wanted to play doctor.

    If something did happen to you I'd have a talk with your stepdad ......not your mother.

    If an Elder reach's out to you. Simply say that you are now praying to Jehovah and it seems to be helping. "So brother Elder, I appreciate your reaching out to me and if I can get past this pedophile issue, with Jehovah's help, it will help me clear my mind."

    After that you go out job hunting LOL.......... Dude you need to get out of the house and do stuff that you can enjoy. Volunteering to help your community on some level would be a start.

  • Diogenesister

    Hi Reserch. We have quite a number of elders on this site and we can at least put a couple of your questions to rest.

    The elders manual (there is also one for C.O.’s and Branch level} is called “Shepherd the Flock of God” you can find a copy of it Here

    What irritated me is that during the A.R.C. Proceedings, Watchtower employed an ‘expert Witness”(who was no such thing) called Monica Applewhite - yes a woman, and a Catholic - who was allowed to peruse this manual at her Leisure, that elders wives are not even permitted to ring bind for their husbands, let alone see it.

    Double standards?

    And yes, Watchtower does keep information on file, even after you are deceased, on everyone. The blue envelopes you refer to are definitely used, most notoriously in cases of CSA. Please refer to the “Shepherd” book for further info.

  • Diogenesister

    Research, how does you Dad feel about the religion? Did your mum marry your step dad and then get baptised? Or was she baptised before they married? Women have zero power in this religion and must needs get it from the men in their lives. With a non believing mate she will be very low on the pecking order without a son, in other words YOU, climbing the ranks. Her motives are not entirely pure.

    Is there any way you could show him or some of John Cedars videos? Or JW support you tube videos? Or Susan Gaskins videos? Or exjw analyzer? Please try to get him on side, explain the way they use shunning as a control method.

    I know EXJW Reddit has a big list of country by country help sites for mental health issues.

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