Circuit Overseer to Answer My Questions + Concerns...or Not

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  • Research

    Hello all, I'm 'Researching', a JW who is in the first steps of taking a look at their beliefs.

    I've semi-recently (about a couple weeks ago) heard about the sexual abuse cases (Pennsylvania Attorney General’s investigation request) and then the ARC in 2015. This lead to a deep investigation, which lead to many questions arising.

    A JW friend of mine suggested I be careful (due to Apostates) and ask the Brothers. So I typed up my questions + concerns and emailed an Elder my mother has known for a long time. He in turn said he didn't want to put his own personal 'spin' or perspective on things, saying he is going to pass the information on to a Circuit Overseer who will be in town (at the time) in a few weeks.

    Hopefully, by the end of this week the CO should obtain the link to the questions. I'm nervous and excited...I hope they take me seriously and don't just brush me off.

    Some of the questions, etc I typed up is:

    (I used scriptures + official transcript of the 2015 ARC Investigation to back up my points)

    • The Two Witness Rule
    • Shunning
    • Briefly about Sexual Abuse Claims, Investigations, Lawsuits, etc
    • Women's Roles and Submissiveness
    • Double-Standards

    I also asked whether the Elder could confirm whether there is an Elder's Manual, etc. My mother believes 100% in the Organization and that everything else is 100% Apostate. That even the ARC Transcript could be fake/false since governments and media are controlled by Satan. She also doesn't believe that the Elders keep records on us, with special information under a 'Do Not Destroy' label.

    I haven't gone to a meeting since I've started my investigation, though I might call in to one tonight and look at the information presented more objectively. I was born into the religion so even posting in this forum will have consequences for me if I've found out. I'm at the point where I am questioning the policies, Governing Body, etc but haven't delved into my core beliefs yet. Everything sort of hinges on how the Circuit Overseer responds...

  • cofty

    Welcome. I wish I could be more hopeful but realistically the CO will make a cursory effort to 'answer' your concerns but will not engage in genuine dialogue. It is even possible that he will decline to meet with you. His main concern will be to discover if you still accept the GB as god's 'channel' of communication on earth. His dialogue will be designed to trap you.

    If you fail this loyalty test he will leave instructions for your local body of elders to deal with you via a judicial committee investigation on a charge of apostasy.

    You must decide quickly if that is the outcome you want and proceed accordingly. There will be NO satisfactory answers. Accept that fact and decide on your strategy. Only you know your circumstances and whether getting out now as a DFd apostate is the best thing for you at this time.


    Well done for doing the research, it is important to fully understand your subject so when the elders or CO give an answer you don’t allow them to brush you off or focus on the less important questions while skimping over the really important questions, find one or two really important points and stick with them until you Get satisfactory answers, for me an important question regarding child sex abuse is-

    if we are living in the time of the end and JW’s are gods only true people on Earth and they have the job of sanctifying or vindicating his name then when the elders have been through a judicial with an accused paedophile and they only have one witness so they leave it in Jehovah‘s hands and then the paedophile commits another crime, why would Jehovah allow this? Why would he want his name associated with child sex abuse? Why wouldn’t he want his name to appear exemplary?

    I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for but I really hope you do find the real truth behind the matter

  • Research

    Thanks for the reply, cofty.

    I personally would rather have them answer me directly in the document/through email than in person, since then you have limited notes, etc. They might try to label me an apostate...I hope not, since merely at the moment I just have questions. Though they might 'mark' me? Luckily my step-dad isn't a Witness, so he won't let my mother kick me out of the house (like I've really feared).

    Thanks for the support, BORG OFF! That is a good question to maybe bring up if they claim the news, etc is just trying to dirty Jehovah's name.

  • truth_b_known

    Why doesn't the Watchtower have their attorneys counter-sue the alleged victims of child abuse if the victims are lying and the news agencies for liable for publishing the victims' stories? If the Watchtower has no problem publicly declaring the "Truth" that supposedly shines light on Satan's lies, why not the lie that the Watchtower tells local congregations not to report child sex abuse inside the congregations to local authorities?

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Welcome to the site Research and well done on your research so far. You have probably made the first important steps to being free to live a normal life!

    As you are aware the faintest whiff of heresy gets the elders alarm bell ringing and they will want start an inquisition, so take it easy and act cool -- you are asking honest questions and deserve an honest answer. However JW 'information' is never without bias.

    As regards your mother, bear in mind that as with the elders, any suggestion that the religion is wrong is likely to be met with genuine horror. The reason is that the emotional anchor on which they completely rely is being attacked and potentially dislodged by your doubts, which is very unsettling for them.

    As Cofty has pointed out you will be asked whether you believe that the organisation is under God's direction or words to that effect. If you fail this litmus test you will be excommunicated, so prepare you defence or avoidance tactics unless you are certain of the direction you want to go. Generally it's best to take things more slowly and fade out of the KH but we don't know your thoughts!

    Do keep us updated.

  • Ding

    Some JWs have asked heartfelt questions of COs or elders only to be told, "We aren't here to answer your questions."

    Instead of the help they were looking for, they find themselves in an inquisition which centers on the question of whether they still believe the WT is God's organization and the GB the faithful and discreet slave.

    I hope you are treated better, but I'm not optimistic.

    Please realize that the organization has no good answers for the questions you are asking.

  • Research

    Thanks for the advice! I may be avoidant regarding some of their questions, since how I view the Org., to an extent, will be affected by their answer if they do. So far I just have questions about the abuse cases and shunning, mainly. I am definitely not ready to be disfellowshipped, so I'll be treating this gently haha

    I definitely will be posting my results!

  • Research

    I am not willing to meet with them at this time, so hopefully they'll answer the questions or even say 'we can't'. I won't be caught up in an impromptu judicial meeting lol

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    JW's worship the Watchtower organization. You need to come to terms with that fact. Only then will you realize that your questions will be perceived as an attack on their god. And, since their own personal salvation depends upon the survival of their god, your questions will be perceived as an attack upon them personally.

    Be prepared. They will be fighting for their own personal survival when trying to answer your questions. In other words, if their god cannot survive your critical analysis, then there will be no one to save them. They will be in panic mode.

    When someone is fighting for their life, anything can happen. People who have faith in Jesus/God do not have problems confronting each other for perceived wrongs to try to make things better. This is not the case with JW members. You are in a cult.

    Deal with it accordingly as you see fit.

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