''Special Letter'' to be Read In Canada Week of Feb 3,2019

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  • wannaexit

    No letter read in Ontario

  • Tenacious

    No letter read somewhere in North America.

  • Acluetofindtheuser

    A letter was read tonight in the Great PNW.

    It seems there is going to be a "great contraction taking place" shortly in the worldwide brotherhood.

    The elder read a letter from the branch that said that the whole region is being evaluated for efficient use of auditoriums. The ones that are partially empty will be consolidated with others to make full capacity congregations.

    The hall that I attend was included in this change. They did not spell out what kind of change was fated for this particular congregation. They said you will be notified in a few months down the road. The technical details are still in the works. Even the elders were not in the know.

    I do not know how many other congregations in the area had this same letter read to them. I will find out in a few days from friends and family soon enough. The particular congregation I attend has the building all to itself. The seating capacity at max fills to about 80% but normally it's only filled to 50%. The building is quite old but it's in decent shape. They either will send other congregations to this hall or they will disband the current one and demolish the building and sell the property.

    There is a great number of senior citizens in this hall. I know they will be very upset if they have to travel farther to the meetings. A lot of them are die-hards so I know they will go because that is the direction from "the slave".

    They quoted a small portion in the Organization book about the subject of using auditoriums. I will give details on that later.

    WingCommander guessed right on the 1st page!

  • Listener

    Thanks for the update acluetofindtheuser.

  • waton
    It seems there is going to be a "great contraction taking place" shortly in the worldwide brotherhood. Actftu.

    Waton too ventured that guess, on page 2. well, in the 1970 there was a real increase, now wt does not anticipate that before the end, otherwise they would keep those comfi , 'you have time to choose your seat' halls open, because they are of no direct cost to wt INC. .(all paid for by the congregations).

    Jesus predicted his followers to be protected in sheep pens, not packed in like sardines. (fishers of men though).

    The GB wagon must be approaching the speed of light, because Einstein predicted that size would contract at that clip, as seen by outside observers, those in the know.

    I hope all those old folks forced to travel will change their wills, stop their "I want to resurrected" fat contributions, transfer them to their caregivers.

  • Xanthippe

    'A great contraction' - selling your meeting places from under you and stealing what you paid for them to fund court payouts from allowing pedophiles in this spiritual paradise.

    We don't care how far the elderly people have to travel, not our problem.

  • WingCommander
    Look everyone! I'm a Prophet! Send me yo' money! lol
  • DesirousOfChange

    Kingdom Halls are built and maintained at the expense of the local Congregation members. They create no additional costs to the WTS. Of course, when a Hall is sold, the funds now go to the WTS.

    When you consider the above facts, there is absolutely no disadvantage to the WTS to allow smaller Congs to remain in "their" KHalls since the local R&F pay for everything associated with them. THE ONLY MOTIVE in implementing this plan is to rape and pillage the locals for the CA$H from the sale even though it was NEVER the cash of the WTS.

    Absolutely pure greed.

  • Finkelstein

    Yes pay for the Kingdom Hall and the land and when it looks like two congregations can be placed into one, sell off the other Kingdom Hall and give us all the money . $$$

    Its Jah's will really .

    He will be appeased to your loyalty

    All and any money given toward us is clear indication of your devotion to Jehovah and his earthly arrangement.

  • Vidiot
    "It seems there is going to be a 'great contraction taking place' shortly in the worldwide brotherhood."

    Sooner or later, it gets too hard to hide. :smirk:

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