Gerrit Losch Claims JW's Attending College Are Spiritually Weak

by pale.emperor 81 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • pale.emperor

    So this was 12 years ago. You could have studied as a doctor, graduated and be working by now.

  • Crazyguy

    Isn't one of the GB a college graduate and the head of the writing department? Not to mention something like 30 nurses, doctors and lawyers that all work there.

  • Vanderhoven7

    And I have had JWs tell me their religion does not discourage post secondary education.

    The truth is that they have at times not only discouraged college, but also career planning, marriage and having children.

    I have been hapily retired for 12 years now after a rewarding career in teaching.

    Glad I had enough sense to tell a JW in 1968 who told me that there was no time left to pursue a career to take a hike.

  • ilikecheese

    haha He really compared attempting suicide to getting a college education. Thankfully, when people get college educations, they gain the ability to detect ludicrous comparisons and poorly constructed arguments. No wonder they despise higher education so much!

  • bennyk

    1) First Corinthians 7:29 was written a long time ago.

    2) I didn't know "Andre" cured his own OCD with a bullet to the head.

    3) Of course the end is near -- why, of course! Deliverance is always at hand. Newbies may enjoy the following:

  • jp1692

    Pale Emperor: So this was 12 years ago. You could have studied as a doctor, graduated and be working by now.

    THAT is an excellent point and an important one for lurkers to note, particularly younger ones contemplating going to college and having a career.

  • Saethydd

    And those who buy into the ridiculous arguments presented in the video are mentally or emotionally weak. Many of them trained to be that way by their "spiritual education."

  • mentalclarity

    I've been out for quite a while but as far as i can tell from my uber JW family this is a conscience matter and the younger generation of relatives I have have all either been to college or technical school. I'm not saying they are sending kids to live in dorms at top Universities but definitely there is more openness to sending kids to college in general. In some countries you really can't get a job without a professional degree and I don't think that was the case 20 years ago. Maybe there's a difference from country to country on this issue. I tend to see alot of difference even from one congregation to another.

  • LongHairGal

    The moral of the story is: if your college education can benefit the JW religion that's okay;....If it is to benefit YOU, that's bad. You should suffer privation and starve to death earning meager wages.

    If Anybody takes the above literally and follows this insane advice and suffers the consequences, there is no hope for them as far as I'm concerned...I don't know that I can even feel sorry for them.

    What more can I say in the face of such hypocrisy and craziness?

  • sparrowdown

    How much of a big fat hairy hypocrite would you have to be to be a Dr or lawyer at bethel?

    OMG, imagining the level of cog diss required to maintain that kind of split-brain charade makes my head hurt.

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