Gerrit Losch Claims JW's Attending College Are Spiritually Weak

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  • jp1692

    John Davis, no one here is saying EVERYONE should go to college.

    What we are saying is that it is wrong for the WT leadership to say that NO ONE should go, misusing their religious authority to control and manipulate people, adversely affecting the lives of all of their members: needlessly limiting choices for those that listen to them and ridiculing and socially stigmatizing those that don't.

  • jp1692
    JD: a number of people here think that College is a guarantee of a good job.

    Who thinks that?

    It's not a guarantee, but it does improve the odds. Consider these statistics from the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics:

    But the main point here is personal choice, autonomy and locus of control.

    The GB misfits have more than a century long history of claiming to be something they clearly are not, promising things they can't deliver and ridiculing those that choose to live their own lives and ignore the the misguided "advice" of ignorant free-loaders like Lösch.

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    People may not say it on this thread. But on a number of other threads, people disparage people who have these service jobs. Yes everyone wants a million dollar job but not everyone is going to get it.

  • jp1692

    That may be true JD, but it is missing the point of this thread.

    It's not just about money or status. That is the cult's thinking. That's what they told you to think.

    BTW, have you noticed that several times you have used the WT's favorite weasel words phrase "a number of ...."?

  • ToesUp

    Bottom line... we all have to do what is right for US. Just like each child in a large family can be totally opposite of the others, even though they have the same DNA. We have 2 children. One is attending college and loves it, the other has no interest in college but has pursued a very vital career in society. She absolutely loves her job and can't imagine doing anything else. She doesn't make a lot of money but is happy, healthy and kind. The one pursuing college is also happy, healthy and kind. What more could a parent want? We are equally proud of both of them.

  • tepidpoultry

    What I get from this talk is that they want your life, they want to yank you from learning if that's what you're doing in order to serve them full time in non paid publicity and/or building work, they like to especially take your young, does this sound like a cult to you?


  • Vidiot
    LongHairGal - "The religion has made a monumental error with this stand against college or careers... I believe has its roots in them having an inferiority complex or just plain jealousy... It probably goes back decades in the religion when somebody had issues with a man who was college educated and either made them feel stupid OR would not accept 'counsel' (probably because the counsel was just some ignorant assh#le's opinion)...The college educated guy tore them a new one and Voila...the policy against college started....Yes, I think the green eyed monster had a part to play..."

    Probably right.

    May even be a simpler explanation, too...

    The more young JWs went to post-secondary, the harder it was to keep 'em in the Org, simply because learning in college or university would - more often than not - help them see through the Org's bullshit.

    And as regards to the Org having made an error in doing so, well, "True Believers" - particularly the JW variety - make that kind of error all the time...

    ...because due to their expectation of the End coming any day now, it never truly occurs to them that their actions might actually have time to come back to bite them on the ass, and even then, so what? Any mistakes are negligible, 'cause the End is coming any day now.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    When I graduated from High School in 1959 I had no desire to attend College. But, as I was perusing my options to make an escape from the WTBorg Society, decided to enlist in the Naval Reserve. Shortly thereafter I was on active duty far from home and learning valuable skills. I decided to stay in the Navy so that I could obtain technical training in the Electronics Field. As a consequence I did acquire an education equivalent to a college engineering degree which proved very valuable job-wise following my retirement from the Navy. While College is a good move for those who are sufficiently motivated to avoid the party scene, there are equally good alternatives. Education is essential by whatever means it is attained.

    When WTBorg Inc. shows signs of "self-destructing" it is a happy day! Rejoice! The End is near!

  • LongHairGal


    Since the JWs are reactive, it would not surprise me if my scenario or something similar contributed to them saying "no college". Do you think they care about thousands who suffered with a lifetime of privation or insecure retirement because of their bad advice? Hell no. Their vanity and egos were first and foremost and everybody be damned. Real Christlike! Eh?

    Of course, young people learning critical thinking skills are a threat to them. They are not only hooked on conformity but scared and threatened by anything or anyone that makes them look foolish.

    I just hope anybody lurking here is learning to get education or skills to support themselves. The religion is not going to support them!

  • waton

    here is a tip* " attending college is spiritually weak. "... he said that to prove that he is spiritually strong, he never went to college, a waiter's course instead. * thanks for the tip

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