meeting with elders about WT involvement in UN

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  • stillin

    They have the same internet that you have if they want to look into their religion.

  • konceptual99

    I think you are playing with fire and simply raising your apostaprofile with the BoE. They will not be interested in any research you've done other than where you got the material from.

    Unless you completely balls things up or have one of the elders gunning for you then I doubt you'll get yourself into immediate judicial trouble but you're lowering the bar significantly.

    Even if the elders are ignorant about the UN thing, if they mention it to the CO then he won't be and will make sure they have you on the list of ones to keep an eye on.

    I would follow a strategy of avoidance and diversion so that they give up trying to meet with you but if you do have a meeting then say as little as possible and maybe change the subject to something like general doubts and confusion over the generation understanding which you are waiting on Jehovah on.

  • Zana

    Still, I know of no way to have the information about the UN except from "apostate" sources. So how do you plan to explain it?? Where did you get that letter?? Were you reading apostate websites?? Why would you even think that such apostate lies might be true??..............DOC

    Maybe wikipedia is acceptable?

  • jookbeard

    I wouldn't waste yours or their time, they wont know anything about their UN membership and the meeting will simply boil down to loyalty to the "mother" carry on reading and researching though, jwfacts has excellent coverage of the membership and the generic letters from the UN themselves, they will lie, try to excuse that even if they did join it would have been in error/accident or the whole thing is lies spread by evil apostates.

  • Finkelstein

    The UN matter is a minor thing overall when it comes to the core WTS/JWS doctrines, which are notably tainted with commercialized deceptions and false bible interpretations.

    The WTS had demeaned the UN for decades (worldly governments by Satan's system of things) so when it was learned that the WTS joined a branch of the UN as a NGO, it was shocking to many JWS around the world.

    So for about 10 years the WTS was registered with the UN as a NGO, when this came out in the open the WTS was stirred to unregister itself with the UN.

  • Dunedain

    You are treading on dangerous ground my friend. The best advice I could give you, and as many others here have said, you should try to AVOID it.

    While it IS noble, and courageous, to want to show them the U.N. issue, they will NOT look at it that way. You will not be among listening ears. They, most likely, already have a pre-conceived notion that you are leaning towards doubting "Mother", and this they cannot accept.

    The fact that it is ALREADY happening with at least 2 Elders, lets you know that there is more to it. They are coming "fully armed", ready for a "fight". There will be NOTHING that you can say, that will make them see your points, or "enlighten" them in any way.

    As others have mentioned, and I feel is your BEST option, is to say, "Oh its not really a big deal to me, and honestly I don't know why I have to speak to more than one Elder about this". Spin it around on them, and say "Wow, now YOU are making me think there REALLY is something going on concerning the U.N, I didn't think it was that serious". Say, "in fact I did a little research, and prayed to Jehovah about it, and I found out it really was NOT that big of a deal". Say, " if you want to discuss it ONE on ONE, that's cool, but it really doesn't bother me now, thanks anyway".

    Now I completely understand that YOU do not feel that way, and it IS INDEED a VERY big deal, but you need to protect yourself, for the sake of your Wife. Do not think that you might be "awakening" them, and that by you doing this, it will wake up everyone to TTATT. As awesome as that would be, it just wont be the case here. Especially with these "company men".

    Protect yourself, and your marriage, THAT is the most important thing. Down play it, and do damage control NOW, to get yourself out of this situation. The best thing would be to NOT be in front of 2 or 3 Elders, and discussing this. You do NOT want that.


    My intent is just to see what they have in mind when they say they want to help me "get over it".


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  • Finkelstein

    The WTS has taught that lying or being constrained when giving out information concerning the organization's activities when deemed appropriate, its called " Spiritual Warfare " an intentional act to not bring reproach onto Jehovah's earthly organization and arrangement.

    Elders have been known to play dumb about the WTS's. UN involvement so be prepared.

    JWS elders are programmed to uphold their positional power and identity within the JW organization.

    So for them protecting the organization is indirectly and realistically protecting themselves and their perceived power.

    If things get really serious and heated up, they will ask the proverbial question " Do you accept that the GB are and have been chosen by Jehovah as the FDSL for all mankind ? "

    If you answer no you don't, expect to be Disfellowship for apostasy.

  • konceptual99

    Don't forget as well that two elders means they have the required number to state there were at least two witnesses to whatever you say.

    As I said earlier, unless you hoist yourself on your own petard, you are probably safe from direct judicial action this time however things like the UN are just big apostate thinking flags. If you want to maintain a status quo then you need to calm the whole thing down, avoid as much contact as possible with the elders and engineer things so you have no reason to open your mouth.

    Make no mistake, they will use your words against you.

  • Giordano

    GB member Geoffrey Jackson (AT ARC) was basically asked that question about being God's chosen organisation he answered "That I think would seem to be quite presumptuous to say that we are the only spokesperson that God is using. The scriptures clearly show that someone can act in harmony with God’s spirit in giving comfort and help in the congregations, but if I could just clarify a little, going back to Matthew 24, clearly, Jesus said that in the last days ‐ and Jehovah’s Witnesses believe these are the last days ‐ there would be a slave, a group of persons who would have responsibility to care for the spiritual food. So in that respect, we view ourselves as trying to fulfill that role."

    A none apostate site that has the information regarding the UN:

    The logical way to frame how you found out about the UN is that it was asked when you were out in service or a family member asked about it. You didn't think it was true and didn't bother looking into it until much later.

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