meeting with elders about WT involvement in UN

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  • LevelThePlayingField

    I still go to the meetings because of my in wife and it came about that the elders knew of my pissed off attitude about the society getting involved in the UN. So the elders said they could help me get over that and wanted to meet with me. Now just to let you know, I have only told my wife and her mom so far about it, that's it. I'm not sure what to expect. I did all the research already on, way back about 3 years ago and have printed off the letter from the UN of their involvement as proof to bring with me in case they ask. If they don't ask then oh well. It makes me very angry how they say how hypocritical it is for Christendom to be involved in the UN and they do the exact same for 10 years.

    I will not mentioned anything else during the meeting of the hypocrisy of the WT other than the UN for fear of being called apostate. And they have no clue of me knowing TTATT for 3 years and being fully awake. My intent is just to see what they have in mind when they say they want to help me "get over it". I will play it really cool and stay away from and one liners or phrases that get people into trouble or on the radar for apostasy.

    So my question to all of you friends is what do you make of this whole thing? And what do you think I should do? Do you have any advice for me? Any do's and don'ts.

  • Iamallcool

    Well I think you will get the axe. Your wife and mother in law are two witnesses.

  • Chook

    It all comes down to how much you love your wife. She is cult affected ,some people are to close to notice . Once you take that leap there's no fixing the broken glass. I'm struggling with an inactive believer , I'm lucky I was given a normal "worldly" childhood so I could compare, if your spouse was born in ,she has no comparison to what is normal compare to majority of mankind

  • Bonsai

    Meeting with the elders will not resolve anything. They are coming into the meeting under the absolute, irrefutable premise that Watchtower's involvement was just to get a library card and not for political reasons. Not accepting that will only make you a target and probably get you marked for believing in "apostate lies". Good luck.

  • DwainBowman

    By now I would bet all elders have heard about this UN stuff, and how to respond to it! Including the acting dumb part!

    And they are ready with the gotcha questions. Do you still want to be a jw? Any answer besides, YES! will get you the door! I am not sure, I need to think about it, etc etc!


  • DesirousOfChange

    While I do not agree with DwainBowman, as I don't think many eldeers (in the US) have any idea about the WTS involvement with the US. Still, I know of no way to have the information about the UN except from "apostate" sources. So how do you plan to explain it?? Where did you get that letter?? Were you reading apostate websites?? Why would you even think that such apostate lies might be true??..............DOC

  • Listener

    Write a letter to HQ and tell the Elders that you would like to see their reply on the matter before discussing it with them. It will take months.

    Ask them why there is a need for more than one Elder to meet with you to help you with the matter and ask if it can't simply be resolved by them pointing you to something on the JW org official website. Act perplexed that the issue is being taken to such an extreme point, especially considering that you have only casually discussed it with your family.

  • Mozzie

    Take all the evidence with you, record it all as well. Don't give them a reason to belittle you

  • Chook

    In all honesty the US government has the right policy "you can't negotiate with terrorists" . Don't waste your time unless you feel you need to record the meeting to help others.

  • baldeagle

    This meeting will not produce anything positive or beneficial for anyone. In fact you will clearly be on their radar and the elders may start to do some investigating of their own, asking others about you and snooping around. It’s not your job to enlighten them of anything you’ve discovered regarding the WT religion. You will be viewed as speaking in a disrespectful way about the illustrious GB who are never wrong and with trying to discredit the wisdom they receive from God.

    We’ve all seen many YouTube videos about sincere JW’s discussing numerous subjects regarding WT lies, failed predictions, flip-flops, and on and on. The end result in every video is the same, asking the two loyalty questions regarding God’s earthly organization.....and those being used to oversee it. The end result from what I’ve seen is always disfellowshipping for either apostasy or causing divisions.

    Don’t put yourself on a slippery slope; things can escalate out of control very quickly to your detriment.

    JW’s that had held much higher and more prominent positions than you and I have been cast aside in a heartbeat.

    You’ve been given great advice so far. Your meeting with these men will result in an accusation of you reading apostate sites and a stern warning, given at the very least.

    Always remember the elders are not your family.....and most definitely are NOT your friends.

    Tread carefully. All the very best.

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