meeting with elders about WT involvement in UN

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  • Chook


    Remember these guy wouldn't believe you spoke truth even if you preformed a miracle, religious hierarchy has alway swayed most powerful influences. They are not capable of sound reasoning due to cult influence or their own power trip. Their problem lies in their trusting "mothership" for directions. The other problem you have is nearly all friends on here have been cult affected, which I'm sad to say is a hard shackle to throw. Most important to remember is our fellow friends here have been willing to forsake family for their freedom of religious choice,( but they didn't sacrifice friends,the friendships at KH were conditional on church service) . Try and live life without looking over shoulder.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    Well, I don't think I have to look over my shoulder at all. I say that with 98% conviction. I've been to two meetings since meeting with them and both of the elders I met with have no clue I'm incognito. But I just love it. I can come here and get all the low-down even before the elders do. Stuff like what wifibandit posts. He's got the goods you know. I find out more about the org here than I do at the hall.

  • berrygerry

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