meeting with elders about WT involvement in UN

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  • Hecce
    I just remembered this one point that elder stuck-up made. He said that now a days, even people who point to articles like a 1972 WT or something is, No we don't even consider that anymore.

    If that is the case then the decisions that were taken based on their representations are no longer valid and the old-timers are free to go on their merrier ways.


    He went on and said that the Guardian news paper could have apostates working for them for all we know. I said, Oh, I never thought of that. (playing dumb)

    Too Many People Dumb Down..


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  • Crazyguy

    Way to go and it probably worked out best for you. These guys are brainwashed and in a position of power and glory in thier own minds anyway and are not going to loose this status. You dodged a bullet now live on and live your life with your wife.

  • Splash

    From 1970 to 2011 the WT quoted from The Guardian newspaper almost 200 times in the Awake!, Watchtower and other books.

    I think this removes any possibility that the WT society thinks The Guardian has apostates working for it.

    'Apostate' does not mean what most JW's think it means.

  • Vidiot

    Splash - "...'Apostate' does not mean what most JWs think it means."

    To most JWs, it means "boogeyman", except real. :smirk:

  • jws

    I don't know whether this has been covered or whether you already had your meeting. But... my 2 cents.

    Get all the documentation you can from independent sources. You don't want to print out anything from an apostate website. Get it from the UN's site or whatever. The Guardian article. NOTHING can link you to apostate sites.

    THEN, get some prime quotes about the UN from the Watchtower. Maybe a half dozen quotes or so all printed showing how evil the watchtower believes the UN to be.

    Then ask how they can be involved with the UN in any way shape or form? If questioned about where you found out, you can always say that some householder attacked you with it. They don't know I'm a former JW here and I've brought that up to them sometimes. Yes, the guy at the door could be apostate, but you're just doing your duty of going door to door. What? Should we no longer talk to people at the door?

    You didn't believe it, but he was so convincing it was true and urged you to look it up on the UN's site, so you did.

    The standard defense is that they just had a minor type of membership to get access to their library. If you can find rules on the UN's website, you could show them that library access is available without a membership. (although that approach assumes you already know what they will say - maybe scratch that).

    You could go further and find out the requirements of the UN membership where they have to promote the UN. You could mention that surely the society wouldn't do that, but then you started to see articles here and there that were favorable to the UN - this villain of Satan's - and you were shocked and stunned. And you didn't know what to do, so you froze. You were shell-shocked and didn't know which way to turn. Print those articles as well.

    I agree with others. They probably won't care. They want to know where you stand now. Are you willing to forget about this, jump back in line, and not spread this info to anybody else? If they can be convinced you're shell-shocked and need their help, they may just welcome you back. But they will keep an eye on you from now on and the first thing that goes wrong, you're out.

    And, by presenting all of this evidence from non-apostate sites, you might plant a seed with one or two of the elders as well.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    jws - had my meeting with the elders yesterday. My post is a ways up. They wouldn't look at a single piece of proof that I had. Told me not even to open my folder. So, so much for that.

    But you know I got to thinking, now that a day has passed. Those two brothers were not interested in truth whatsoever. They were only interested that I reject and they reject immediately anything that was negative about the Society. That was their main aim. It wasn't to help poor old brother so and so. No, they had no words of comfort whatsoever. They had their guards up big time and they were in a total defensive mode the entire time.

    They actually, I do believe could not care any less about evidence. One elder said, "And to me it doesn't matter" if they were involved in the UN or not. So whether the faithful slave is really faithful or not is not important to him. OK, ok then. So now I know where you stand.

  • karter

    Ltpf. I fell for you mate. .you did what you had to do to keep the most important thing in your life together, your family. Listening to 2 elders who will only spout out the official line must have been at best hard but hey that's what it took . I m at a loss to know if I could have handled it so well.karter

  • apocalypse

    For those who want to go the UN WTS angle, you will soon have even more information to heap on an elders head.

    Very shortly, there will be provided by the United Nations DPI a select lot of new information.

    The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of Brooklyn NY has in fact called the UN a liar, in print, when it contradicted the UN-DPI's version of events.

    The UN-DPI is about to clear this up.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    apocalypse - how do you know this? What's your source? I would love to go and check it out. Thanks.

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