Why do people follow demonstrably False Prophets?

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  • nicolaou
    Well that didn't take long to misconstrue. I wrote: "You can already see this germinating..." I did not write invent...

    Okay, so what are you inferring that Harris is germinating if not a new religion? If I'm misconstruing you it's only because you just stated that "humans will further invent new religions based upon secularist ideas".

    And yes, music did reach it's peak in 1979!

  • Saintbertholdt

    Well according to what I observe Harris is introducing spiritual ideas to secularists such as meditation. This is not new but what is new is the attempting of a 21st century rational scientific justification for it. Harris has a background in Buddhism so naturally he will extract the useful tenets of that doctrine.

    What Harris has missed which others have previously picked up on (such as Lavey and early socialist ideas such as "God-Building") is the human desire for ritual. Lavey recognized that at the core of religion sits ritual. It doesn't matter who you are, human beings love rituals. I suspect it gives surety, definiteness and a sense of order. From initiation/acceptance rituals such as a Jewish bris, to African marriage dancing feasts etc.

    Then there is also superstition which is where the human sub-conscience overrules the most rational human behaviour.

    Deep reverence is an idea which was popularized by Carl Sagan. which he argued was not only the purview of religion but also science.

    Then there's also religious prophesy which secularism is for the first time attempting: The technological singularity

    Sooner or later these ideas are going to be amalgamated into new secular religious philosophies.

    This is a logical next step.

    And yes, music did reach it's peak in 1979!

    What? Disco, Punk and/or Glam Rock?

    Oh come now, don't be a grandpa... Listen to some NIN, Depeche mode, Wolf mother, Radiohead or even Knife Party.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    1980's man!! The decade of the '80's is where music peaked!!! 1990's began sucking and straight down the tubes from there.

    The decade of the 1980's was a decade of music like none other and probably will never be repeated ever again.


    I gotta say, "I LOVE THE 80's!!!"


  • Heartsafire
    JW's are content to believe lies because they are in a cult that uses fear and guilt to control them. As long as they accept the teachings from WT, they are allowing their minds to be controlled by the org instead of using their own thinking capacity and common sense. There are high control groups everywhere--secular, political, etc. JW's just so happen to be a commercial cult parading around as a religious group. Steve Hassan's book "Combatting Cult Mind Control" really opened my eyes to this aspect of the JWs.
  • OneGenTwoGroups

    I'm not sure which pathetically false prophet is worthy of more derision.

    Is it the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses or is it Jesus?

  • kaik

    WireRider, you are clueless. This is board for ex-JW, not board to proselyte ex-JWs for your religion. Considering that entire my family are trapped in WT cult, this is reason for me to be on here. And again, I do not care about Christian religion, I do not believe it, and I do not want to be proselyte to your faith. However, you are free to believe whatever you feel like to, and I am not stopping you or preventing you. Nonetheless, I will fight your accusation that I am JW or somehow anti-Christian. I just do not care about it, so I you should learn to respect it that some people do not share your beliefs.

    Saintbertholdt, either Christians accept entire Bible or only NT. It seem they cherry pick whatever they feel to believe. What does not fall into their reasoning, they say the OT is void and invalid. For Jews NT is just pile of BS, which does not have whatsoever validity in the eyes of their beliefs.

    nicolaou, and your point is? I stated that I AM NOT JEW just to married one,so for me the Jewish system of beliefs does not apply. Of course it is based on myths and Jews do not deny it. Besides, Jews have one of the highest level of atheism among any demographic group on this planet. Do you hate them too?

    DarioKehl, obviously in your primitive, antisemitic, imbecilic remark you do not know that what Jews do not write God, god, but g-d. It just is my respect to way the Jews refer their Diety. Nothing more, nothing less. Learn to live with it.

  • Vidiot

    WireRider - "Why do people follow demonstrably False Prophets?"

    'Cause they like what the False Prophets tell them.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    That promise of a ''new world'' looks very appealing. Absolute health, abundance of food, cost-free living, endless like. That promise of ''cheating death'' eternally looks very, very, very appealing by living a living a life of walking on egg shells and living life on a knife's edge
  • WatchtowerReviewz
    The same reason people believe in talking donkeys (Numbers 22:28) and worshipping an ancient jewish god of war that condones slavery, genocide, rape, and human sacrifice. It's demonstrably false yet people cling to it.

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