Why do people follow demonstrably False Prophets?

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  • WireRider

    Why does everyone just turn a blind eye to the false teachings of the Watchtower? The Bible warns us many times and in many ways NOT to follow false prophets - including the lake of fire. Fundamentally why do the followers of the Watchtower just ignore the very Bible they claim to live by?

    How can people just "overlook" dozens or so times the Watchtower has guaranteed the end of the world on certain dates, and just go "oops". And people keep going. And people keep going. People keep giving them their money. Sure that EVERYTHING they claim is true..

    The Bible very clearly states that the 144,00 ARE VERY SPECIFICALLY 12,000 of each of the 12 tribes of Israel - NEVER ABOUT the Watchtower and the JW. The Bible clearly says the Watchtower and the Jehovah's Witnesses will be cast into the lake of fire for being false prophets - and generally conning people to be their obedient human slaves and trying to build an anti-Christ army on earth.

    The Watchtower is the only organized group on the planet to force people NOT to go to Church and to NOT read the Bible on their own without THEIR strict perversion of it and specifically to go out of their way to denounce Christ.

    I don't know if the Watchtower is the anti-Christ - but they really think they are - and trying everything they can to kiss his feet and beg to be his servant. The anti-Christ and the Watchtower are the only ones with a great longing for the "final battle" and Armageddon. Guess what - the Watchtower is screwed. Satan thinks they are a joke too.

    The WT/JW are a doomsday cult, It's a sick and misguided belief as an excuse to control, manipulate, and torture people for a future they will NEVER get..

    Every penny and every moment and every word is in support of them in condemning others into a life of human controlled emotionally slavery. I wish everyone would just LEAVE and cripple their power. EVERYONE that still attends ANY services or functions are promoting human emotional slavery. Next time, every time, you set foot into a "Kingdom Hall" you are promoting the terrorism of others.

  • nicolaou
    Are you a Christian WireRider?
  • Divergent
    Next time, every time, you set foot into a "Kingdom Hall" you are promoting the terrorism of others.

    Many here are still stuck & forced to go for the sake of family. It should read "If you donate to the worldwide work" instead

  • 3rdgen

    The answer: B




    Have you read Steve Hassan's Combating Cult Mind Control? Def worth a look.

  • prologos
    Many people that have lost thousands to scammers never report it, they are too embarrassed to admit it, even to themselves.
  • WireRider

    I am Christian. In another capacity - I am also an ordained Christian Pastor.

    I hate to see the injustice of false religion force down the throats of those who do not accept it. Forcing people to shun people is reprehensibly cruel and a tool of the weak and scared. If your faith is so wrong that you have to resort to emotional terrorism to keep people to stay, it is evil and not a Christian belief.

  • WireRider

    My question is very fundamental. The Bible condemns false prophets. If you claim to speak to, or for, God and claim events in his name, and those events do not take place, they are a false prophet. How do people read that and still believe in the Watchtower.

    Russell guaranteed the world would end in 1914. (based upon his recent travel to Egypt (pictures online) and measurements of the great pyramid - not because of anything in the Bible) Opps - didn't happen.

    He apologized that his measurements were a little off - and promised the world would end in the next year, 1915.

    God got fed up and killed Russell in 1916. (he had to let 1915 expire completely just to rub it in that Russell was a lier.)

    They have always been false prophets. Why do people refuse the Bible and still follow the Watchtower? Many many false claims followed.

  • nicolaou
    People follow the Watchtower for the same reason you follow the Bible.
  • kaik
    Christianity follows false prophets from its foundation. It is core teaching is violation of Covenant G-d made with Jews.
  • Khaleesi
    It's the illusion that keeps many JWs blinded no matter how much you prove to them many turn a blind eye... the WT has used many clever adjectives in justification of their false prophecies & using words like "false prophets", false teachings, false expectations when referring to themselves is not among them... honestly I've asked myself the same question & they are just "captives of a concept" like Raymond Franz stated.... many like to stay in that "dream of a Godly organization" that doesn't exist... they don't want to awaken & the few of us that do its because we don't dare to turn away from facts & the real truth no matter how difficult it is.

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