I have been informed that if u are df and you appeal the decision and you loose appeal

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  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    I won my appeal. 12 months later I was disfellowshipped in absentia and told them all to fuck off.
  • flipper

    I won my appeal also as the elders didn't have enough evidence against me for what they called " circumstantial fornication ". I also threatened a lawsuit for slander and defamation of character against the local elders if they DFed me without proof and announced it to the congregation. The appeal committee got a letter back from WT legal department telling them not to DF me. To cease and desist and overturn the DFing. They haven't messed with me since. WT Society doesn't want a tiger by the tail who fights back. So tell your friend to say he'll sue their ass if they DF him with no proof. They will probably back off. Good luck, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • dozy

    I don't know whether the person especially would be blackballed because they appealed. If the person is keen to return , they just need to go through the usual 6 - 12 month charade of going to the meetings , sitting feeling sorry for themselves , writing a few letters to the elders ( the first 2 are always returned with " come back later" ) and then they get reinstated.

    Appeals are a bit of a farce anyway. I remember one CO saying that the Branch said that only 2% of appeals are successful. It just gives the pretence that the process is fair. I remember one occasion many years ago when a JW in our congregation was DFd but the sister appealed & the appeal elders from another congregation overturned the decision. My father was our congregation's PO and I have never seen him so angry - basically the sister ( who was an alcoholic ) had charmed the appeal committee into submission.

    It created such ill-feeling between the 2 bodies of elders that for years afterwards we never exchanged speakers.

  • jookbeard
    I won my appeal as well , many years ago though and was DA'ed in absence a couple of years later.
  • DwainBowman

    Apealing a kangroo court, to another kangroo court = a bigger kangroo court, most of the time!


  • cantleave

    SBF How many appeals were you aware of? To put it in context.

    About 7

  • westiebilly11
    . correct me if I'm wrong but isn't there /wasn't there a third appeal route direct to HQ?...This option is well tucked away in the book of rules...?..
  • fulano
    To the branch yes, but they will throne it back to the CO again, unless you are in special service.
  • talesin

    One of our members, Kwintestal, had a successful appeal.

    They df'd him for apostasy, in absentia. It was announced from the platform, and if memory serves me, he was notified by mail. Thing is, they had no 'witnesses', only rumour.

    He had his lawyer draft a letter to the BOE and yes, the DF was reversed. There is most likely a thread about it.



  • WireRider

    Huh. Hmm. That's weird. Why are human's in judgement of anything?

    I have grown up in an Christian Church. I don't recall any time Jesus Christ said GET THE HELL OUT AND DON;T COME BACK. An appeal to some human's? Seriously?

    Put me in a room with a couple of humans that felt like they had judgement over me? ... It probably would not end well.

    Why do you people allow them to do that to you? NONE of them are ordained. They are not Christians. What a crock of sh##t. Why do you LET THEM do those things to you????

    DF'd - appeal - what? What the F are they?

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