I have been informed that if u are df and you appeal the decision and you loose appeal

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  • LisaRose

    If you appeal it might look to them as if you are not repentant, so I think it's possible they would hold up your being reinstated, but it probably depends on the elders involved.

    It's a game that is hard to win, the deck is stacked against you from the get go. It's like being suspected of a crime, they have proven that once a cop becomes convinced you are guilty they will discount anything that would prove your innocence and focus only on the evidence of guilt. It's basic human nature to justify a decision.

  • Simon

    They claimed I hadn't attended a JC (because they never invited me to one !) and used that to claim I was disassociating myself so I appealed it.

    After a 3 hour meeting with 6 elders they decided that I was still "refusing to meet with them" so decision upheld.

    Of course they make the rules, they pick the jury and the judge and prosecution and you get nothing. I think the decision has been made before you walk into the room and it is exceptional for them to reverse the outcome.

    It relies on someone being involved that has a position of power and influence but that hasn't been corrupted by it or given it because they are a "company man". So probably very unusual.

  • fulano

    LisaRose...did you read my comment? Or are you just guessing?

    The members of appeal committees are chosen for their qualities, in my experience, they or we were there without prejustice, looking for an escape for the accused. But than again, you have to try to judge if the accused was repentant at the moment of the first committee.

  • millie210
    Even if you lose the appeal I think there is another chance to appeal
    Hoser is right. They will not inform you of this second appeal right. You have to request it in writing.

    As for the initial appeal..... If I understand it right, the instructions to the appeal committee are to ONLY overturn the original committees decision to disfellowship if proper procedure was not followed.

    That extremely limits the grounds for an appeal and makes it less likely that an original decision will be overturned.

    I am sorry for your stress poopie. Add me to the list of people who support you.

  • fulano

    No, the ground for appeal is the opinion and request of the accused, that's why it is important to write the reason for appealing.

    When the reason is stated, appeal goes.

    Many are granted, believe me.

  • poopie
    Thanks for all the info but poppies is not on trial I am trying to help a person with process they told him it was to soon to reinstate him it's been one and half yrs the person has not missed a meeting reason for df association with another df person.
  • millie210

    If that "no" is directed at my statement futano, I can agree with you that appeals are granted.

    They are not frequent.

    As you stated in a post upthread, most of the ones you yourself saw granted had to do with elders in the original committee being as you said and I quote:

    More than 50% of the decisions of the original committees were totally wrong.

    third world countries education is low,

    those serving were end 20thies.

    Where you and I disagree is in your statement above that it is the opinion or the request of the individual that generates anything.

    Those two factors (the persons opinion or request) have zero to do with an appeal being granted,

  • Finkelstein

    Men in a position of power do not like to be questioned upon their decisions, for if a situation comes about and its revealed that they did make a wrong decision, that makes them look bad toward the accused and perhaps the entire congregation.

    There is an perceived image that is also endeavored to be retained with JW elders which involves being identified as having god's holy spirit and their judgments and decisions have gods direction and approval.

    For an elder to make a wrong decision ruins that perception to all within the congregation.

    From all of that is it not reasonable to accept that elders decisions regarding people getting Dfed rarely get overturned.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I am trying to help a person with process they told him it was to soon to reinstate him it's been one and half yrs the person has not missed a meeting [--] reason for df association with another df person.

    While no longer an elder, it's my understanding that there has been ever increasing pressure upon Elders to NOT reinstate "too soon". One year is almost certainly the unspoken rule. So 1 1/2 years is not unusual, esp with a "sin" that is so blatantly against the rules. Drunkenness or fornication is an impulsive thing that "just happens", but when a person willing makes the conscious decision to associate with a disfellowshipped person, they have consciously taken at stand against GOD [Guardians of Doctrine] and the Borg.


  • Heaven
    Sounds like another reason to leave the Borg and never return.

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