I have been informed that if u are df and you appeal the decision and you loose appeal

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  • Diogenesister
    Does the fact that there even IS an appeals process, and that certain appeals are upheld and the DF verdict reversed, does this show that the original decision and elders on the JC were not led by holy spirit after all?k

    That is precisely why they never want to reverse a decision, even if there is shed loads of evidence the appellant is in the right - swines

  • blondie

    I knew of 2 appeals that were successful.

    1) baptized teenage daughter, elders rushed to judgment and did not carefully check the "evidence." One elder was being vindictive and was too sure of his "facts." At the appeal attended by the CO it was easily determined that she could not have been where and when they said. One "witness" admitted they had not seen anything and was just repeating gossip. That elder closely watched that teenager trying to catch her in another "sin".

    2) pioneer sister married to an MS husband whose father and uncle were elders in the congregation. It seems hubbie was trying to force anal sex on his wife and the only elders were relatives and the one non-relative elder was conveniently out of town. She was df'd for slander quickly not allowing for an appeal. She talked to her father (an elder in a nearby congregation) another elder in a larger town and the CO. Investigation proved her story true. All but the one elder who was out of town were removed as well as the husband. The family upped and moved to another state far away and spun a different story. BTW she was not reinstated but it was announced that she had been df'd in error and should be treated as always having a good standing in the congregation. (only time I ever saw this happen and it was not some 4th hand story)

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    i'm a bit confused there Blondie--so--example #2 was d/f because she wouldnt have anal sex ? what would have happened if she had ?
  • SecretSlaveClass
    Because some family are really duped into believing they are doing it in your best interests?
    If you really really believed you could save someone's life by not talking to them for six months.
    For many there are baser and mixed motivations of course. But in its purest form it is perhaps forgivable.

    Yes I suppose you are right. I think I'm just one of those people that can even cut off family in a heart beat if they are interfering with my life and freedom, particularly when they set conditional terms for a relationship. Perhaps my willingness to bolt at the first smell of bullshit could also be a weakness, I don't know. Maybe thats why I have so few friends and only retain the ones with whom we share a mutual respect for each other without conditions.

  • blondie

    i'm a bit confused there Blondie--so--example #2 was d/f because she wouldnt have anal sex ? what would have happened if she had ?

    ---------I guess you stopped reading after "anal sex". Read all of it carefully, she was df'd for slander accusing her husband of trying to FORCE anal sex on her. If he had succeeded it would have been marital rape which is something too many men don't think exists. If she had been agreeable...then I doubt that she or the husband would have said anything.

    Repeat she was df'd for slander (sorry for shouting)

  • Simon

    Does anyone know of any successful appeal where it didn't come down to hard provable facts or knowing higher-ups?

    Most of the time I think the appeal elders are just going to back the original elders and not admit their mistakes unless you have a heavyweight in your corner OR you have irrefutable facts that can show them to be wrong and could use them to embarrass them


    The decision to appeal will mean that you have to go through another JC with 6 heavies now - Possibly a long session too. Are you emotionally up to that ?

    As has been mentioned the Over-turn rate is very low !

    The appeal committee is hand-picked by the CO and if the Circuit is composed of idiots and sociopaths [High rate of that too] - you are dead before you begin -

    Also you have read elsewhere on this forum regarding the keeping of personal notes etc - Well many of the idiots I had to sit with on JC's interpreted that as don't make any notes at all in the JC - so in the appeal they are now relying on their memories ! It is human nature to review information in our heads and then enhance and embellish or re-arrange "facts' as we perceive it to be - and in the appeal this is how it is now often articulated -

    Its a flawed arrangement !

  • Finkelstein

    The elders will keep you out longer as payback for you appealing their decision how dare you peon appeal the secret weapons design you stupid publisher.

    Not necessarily, it all depends on many circumstances such as who the elders are, the attitude of the accused

    the information given from the accuser. etc.

    To say that they would lengthen the DF because you appealed the decision is not written in stone as they say.

    Whenever the mention of a JC comes up I immediately think Kangaroo court.

  • fulano

    @Slimboyfat and others...I have been on a fixed appeal committee for years in miss-service. More than 50% of the decisions of the original committees were totally wrong. Makes sense as in third world countries education is low, there were few elders and those serving were end 20thies.

    What I always ciriticized was the fact that although the whole theocratic judge-system is based on US rules, why can't the accused not have a lawyer?

  • lostnotfound

    I had a super vindictive hateful judicial committee where I was Dfed. I appealed. The second committee met with me and the first committee. They mentioned several times that they didn't care if I was repentant now, but we're there to decide if I was repentant at the time I was DFed.

    I lost the second appeal. I appealed one more time. That appeal went straight to bethel. They never asked me a thing, but sent a cookie cutter letter back a month later telling me that the DFing stood.

    The elders were pretty hateful to begin with. I attended meetings everyweek for a year and a half. I even sat in the auditorium when they announced it. They made me request reinstatement three times.

    On the other side of the coin the sister I was involved with was reproved when I was DFed. Reproved again... And then DFed. She was gone a couple years, got knocked up and then was back in within a year of her getting married to the ex witness that knocked her up.

    I eventually faded a few years later and still lost my entire family except my wife who realized this was all a sham. So thanks for the small blessings...

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