Half of the cong was dancing last night

by StarTrekAngel 78 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • steve2
    Hip-OMG-crites. 😎
  • 2+2=5

    Wow, it's astonishing.

    I think the writing is on the wall for this Jurassic Park theme song obsessed doomsday cult.

  • Lieu

    That's good to hear. Singing praises is supposed to be joyous not melancholy like your at a friggin funeral.

    No one was ever happy because the entire environment was constantly depressing, including that sad sad organ (funeral) music.

  • Truthexplorer

    I think they should just throw all cares to the wind and make song 146 Boney M's 'By the rivers of Babylon'

  • Pistoff

    I get the idea that music should be fun, but come on; this idea has been crushed by the WT for decades.

    And what the hell is it when you sing a song at church that sounds like a cross between a Broadway hit and Jurassic Park?

    Are they trying to remind us of dinosaurs, so that we think of the great location where Jurassic Park was filmed, so then we will think of paradise?

    The people at the top of this religion are buffoons.

  • Axelspeed
    I get the idea that music should be fun, but come on; this idea has been crushed by the WT for decades.

    I totally agree with this. When I first listened to it, didn't like it because it is so very different than any song I would expect to hear in a Kingdom Hall. After listening to it a few times its not so bad...for a mega church somewhere:) But still, it is so different than anything I grew up with. In fact, the sound brother would have been yanked to the back room and at the very least counseled strongly had this song been heard or in any way suggested it came from Brooklyn. In the JW-world I grew up in, it would be said that this song would not "fit the dignity" of the org, and would almost be akin to a brother wearing jeans to a meeting, or a sister wearing slacks.

    I find it very difficult to believe that old-timers are not having a very hard time coming to grips with all of these fast and drastic changes. Because I know and grew up with a lot of them I am a little sad for them. They are losing their religion right before their eyes.

  • BelleStar
    Good Grief ! The elders back in my day would have had an aneurysm, and any movement of the hips would have only inflamed sexual desires.. I'd love to see their faces when they heard this.
  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Remember when these songbooks came out? The music was just 'off'.... when you thought it would go up? it went down.... Like having a 2/4 tempo then change to 3/4...

    My son described it as trying to spell a word, and spelling it wrong... Thinking you can sing, and you can't... He nailed it when he said, "Like elevator music, or music you'd hear at the DMV!"

  • BroMac

    For the 2nd time this week on JWN I'm speechless.

    This is a completely different religion to what i knew only 2-3yrs ago.

    Would be interested to know if DNCall had been involved with anything like this new song in his time at HQ.

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