Half of the cong was dancing last night

by StarTrekAngel 78 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • sir82
    That song is definitely Disney-fied.
  • The Marvster
    The Marvster

    I'm expecting Simba to come bouncing around the corner any minute...

  • JWdaughter
    I am just offended by the title. I fully admit to not knowing the lyrics, but it puts me in mind of an elderly person (my mom) making some comment about "those nice little mexicans" in the condescending way that well meaning people do. . . I don't know. "bless her heart", I know she doesn't mean anything unkind, but anyway. I thought the song(tune or what have you) was annoying
  • sparrowdown

    Music can be a powerful tool in the indoctrination sessions.

    Expect any loved ones that attend the meetings to go into cult hyperdrive over this.

  • nowwhat?
    I thought it was a little jurasic park inspired
  • StarTrekAngel
    Thanks Shadow for the posting regarding the. I stand corrected.
  • Truthexplorer
    When they played that tune at our hall. It reminded me of when I was a teen attending the Catholic church on one momentous occasion. My now jw mother forced me to church when she was a devout Catholic. Instead of the usual organ music, a group of dudes on guitar started belting out a hymn and I was thinking wtf. That particular moment popped into my mind when that tune came on at the hall and saw the sisters smiling and and doing their body moves! lol
  • Truthexplorer

    Startrekangel- just crossed my mind, maybe 10 years from now, the goal of the GB want us singing like those baptist dudes in the deep south

  • Prometheus
    I thought I was in cruise ship heading to the Caribbean, when they started to play that song! What was missing it was the Pina coladas!!!
  • Truthexplorer
    Prometheus- lol...funny enough, so did I ha ha

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