Was There ANYTHING Positive That You Experienced Because of Being a JW?

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  • Finkelstein

    I learned how to tie a shirt tie and that people don't like other people coming to their front door trying to push their own religion.

    Oh yes, that religion is about men cultivating power and control unto themselves by lying and bullshitting, exploiting people's ignorance, fears and superstitions.

  • Saethydd

    It gave me decent public speaking skills, (though it countered that by hindering my interpersonal communication skills by burdening me with the idea that I need to be subtly steering the conversation towards religion so that I could preach to them.)

    Other than that I can't really think of much it has given me that I wouldn't have gotten anywhere else, except maybe that my family is closer than most, but that tends to be the case when you all view 99.9% of the world as people to be avoided wherever possible.

  • EdenOne

    a) I have stayed clear of smoking and drugs and never felt interest in getting wasted on alcohol.

    b) I've learned to speak in public and acquired some strategies to empathize with others.

    c) I have learned the rudiments of sales techniques.

    d) I have learned the value and the challenges of living in a community.

    That's about it.


  • Mum

    I was 15 when I converted. That was in 1963. Being a JW got me away from my abusive family for a while. It got me a trip to New York City. It gave me the delusion of love and acceptance.

    It was only after I'd been married to a JW elder for about 8 years that I started to smell a rat. I fell into despair and panic. In the long run, it made me stronger and determined to be educated and to do something real with my life.

  • just fine
    just fine

    Oh and one I forgot - I grew up terrified of the end of the world. Once you have faced down the world ending not much scares you 😀

  • minimus

    In my business I am able to have dialogue with anyone and I'm a very good salesman because of my prior experience in dealings with people.


    Was There ANYTHING Positive That You Experienced Because of Being a JW?


  • LoveUniHateExams

    Was there anything positive about your Jehovah's Witness experience? -no, not really. Being a JW was a serious f**king pain in the ass.

    But there were some positive experiences 'studying' with the JWs - nice friendships, etc.

    Jehovah answers my prayers, almost always in the affirmative - does He sometimes say no?

    "A Watcher, you're really starting to p1ss me off now with your earnest supplications - so NO!

    I'm trying to have a decent conversation up here with Russell and Rutherford, I don't want you butting in."

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    LOL, Love.

    Thanks for calling my prayers "earnest supplications". That's a compliment.

  • Hairtrigger

    A lot of good looking girls. Who desperately needed making out with -but were scared shitless .Nevertheless yu could tell by the body lang. When they were near yu. The way they hung on your word or sit rapturous while yu gave a 5 min. Talk from the pulpit.

    Hell man . What a waste of divine womanhood ... to be lost on some bigot who thinks he has a"fine standing with Hobo"!!!

    Fuckadoodledoo...those women....sigh!

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