Was There ANYTHING Positive That You Experienced Because of Being a JW?

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  • Frezia

    Positive: i didn't get pregnant and become a single mother in my teens...

    Negatives: i didn't get to have sex until well past my bloom of youth, when I finally agreed to trust someone enough to let them close/get married

    Super negative: lost my faith, my father and got cancer in the same year...oh life can suck sometime :) ps did I mention that I probably will not get a chance to be a mother?

    Sorry...probably missed the point about being positive, but currently struggling to see many positives from being raised as a jw:(

  • midnight

    I learned not to trust anyone who tells you not to trust anyone that critisizes them

  • Saename

    One of the Jehovah's Witnesses I knew in one of the congregations I attended invited me over to dinner every Saturday after service. It was a nice "tradition." He (let's call him Matt) said he thought of me as his younger brother. Even though he was 20–30 years older, we were quite close. It was probably because of our similar personalities. We both enjoyed learning, and we both had the same type of humor (everyone else, except for one other Jehovah's Witness (let's call him Ben) who was around 50 years older and who also was one of my closest friends―probably the closest despite the age difference―thought we were crazy.) Matt and I laughed all the time. And Ben? Hell, he acted like a 10-year-old (in a good way―he played jokes on everyone but never crossed the line) even though he was almost 70... If I ever loved any one of my friends, it was these two.

    Needless to say, we don't talk anymore.

  • Chook

    Understanding mental illnesses

  • Fisherman

    view other races without prejudice

    tolerant of the gays


    analytical reading

    thinking skills




    making heads or tails of the Bible

    enriched my life

    made me a well rounded person and a better person.

    among other things.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Nothing and no situation is all good or all bad.

    The Spanish cong is full of fun, always some celebration or gathering. Very much enjoy the community.

    I would miss that aspect.

    Have tried socializing with different groups, at my work place, but their idea of a good time is very much not enjoyable to me: Too much alcohol, profanity, public sexual innuendos, smoking, yelling, offending each other, the ladies dressed very scantily.

    Definitely, the mild-mannered JW ways of having fun is how I am happily accustomed.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    In the Paradise book there is a special page over-printed with invisible ink that, if rubbed with crushed sumac berries, teaches the method of jelqing Adam used.

    If I recall correctly.

    Or maybe I just wanted to make a post with the word jelqing in it.

    Don't judge me, bro.

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