Free to sin but still cannot bring myself to do it

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  • OnTheWayOut

    I faded and took a few baby steps. I was such a rebel to wear a red sweater instead of a suit jacket at the Kingdom Hall.

    My point is that you will be able to laugh at your progress afterward.

    I hope this helps- It is not immoral to attend a party, as long as you don't intend to behead anyone. I hope you start to discard the idea that you "engage in immorality" when you violate their stupid rules.

    Go buy a lottery ticket or say a curse word. Donate blood. See a movie they would never approve of. Do somethings that help you see that lightning won't strike you.

  • cofty

    Sindoi - It will take years to work through all of the evidence relating to the god and the bible.

    Please take your time, there is no hurry. For the moment be content to know that absolutely everything you have ever been taught is unreliable. Commit to an evidence-based worldview and your beliefs will eventually take care of themselves without you even noticing.

    Go and focus on important things like friendships, sport, education, career prospects and pretty girls.

    There is no armageddon to fear. In time that fact will be so obvious to you, you will wonder how you could ever have thought otherwise. Your first challenge is get over the angst that is the hallmark of all JWs.

    Your life is full of possibilities.

  • deegee
    When I read Honest post, I thought the devil is speaking. Don't know why I associate Honest "It is not a sin" to the serpent's words to Eve "You will not die"............ The devil is waiting to devour those leaving Jehovah's Organization"---------Sinboi

    We were taught that only JWs are good associates but that is not true. There are good and bad people in the world and there is good and bad among the JWs too.

    You do still have to evaluate persons as to whether they will make worthwhile friends for you, but JWs are not the only good associates in the world.

  • Fisherman

    Jesus clearly described the consequences of practicing sin -fiery Gehenna. But if you don't believe in the Bible, you don't have to worry about that for now.

    JW have their good reasons for getting angry with WT for a lot of different reasons; some leave and some stay but that is not a justification for getting involved in sinful conduct such as adultery or stealing or other conduct that harms others or yourself which is a downward spiral that will suck you in to disaster. "The fool has said in his heart, there is no Jehovah."

  • Finkelstein
    sinboi your free now to act like a responsible wholesome clean living adult and you dont need religious guidance to accomplish that.
    Beware though JWS are trained to disrespect you and try to taint your character, that's how they been indoctrinated.

    Great that you left a dangerous, corrupt and intellectual oppressive cult, now to expand your knowledge and education.

  • sinboi

    Me :

    Quran - for muslim. It is the most evil religious book , telling believers to chop off heads of non-believer.
    Anders Andersen :
    Read Deuteronomy 13, then think about how it compares to what you wrote above...remember, Deut. 13 is just a single chapter. There's a lot more similar verses in the Bible...

    You know? I have come across these type of verses when I'm a JW.Nothing wrong about it. J have the right to clean the land of pagan worshippers. The only question I have in mind then is his instruction to 'take female captives as wives.' Wondering whether it means raping them. But I quickly suppressed any doubts, remembering the words 'your thoughts are not my thoughts'.

    But now, in the light of what I have said about the quran....I see it from another viewpoint.....

    Even cattles need to be killed! Crazy D.O.G! So it means that babies are also killed! That YHWH is EVIL!!!!!!

    I have been worshipping this evil D.O.G for 16 years!!!!

  • Giordano

    Calm down Sinboi. You have not been worshiping an EVIL D.O.G. God is who we want him to be.

    A prophet from the 13 century.... Rumi...... said this:

    "Silence is the natural language of God......... everything else is a bad translation."

    In short....... all religious holy books are simply bad translations of that silence. All religious books reflect their culture and they tend to try to explain who and what god was, is and will be........ in terms of their earth bound beliefs. This is why a book like the Bible is inconsistent.

    You happened to be raised in the JW culture which may have the worst record for contradictions. Please check out and the sub topic "flip flops" to read in their own words what they have flip flopped on.

    The WTBTS has tried in vain to describe who or what Jehovah is. The proof in the pudding is........they don't have a clue as they have had to throw away their first hundred years of false beliefs. They have also managed to take their beliefs into area's that have resulted in the untimely and often needless deaths of thousands of JW's........ mainly because of a ban on blood transfusions, transplants for over a decade, vaccines until the mid 1940's and 1975 predictions of the end of this old world which caused many to sell their homes............. give up their jobs and or businesses....... run up credit debt, and postpone dental and other health care as they waited and waited and waited for the rest of the world to be destroyed so they could gain a healthy paradise earth. Which by the way, is never mentioned in the Bible.

    The beliefs you are trying to shake off are about a paradise earth built on the bones of billions who did not accept the JW dogma.

    What has been going on in our posts to you specifically....... is to allow you to start to see the reality.....and for most of us it's better to pull the curtain off the WTBTS then to submit or pretend to believe what they teach. But you need, for your families sake, to be careful. That cognitive dissonance can be a bitch with one's believing friends and family.

    Your on the right course with your concerns and doubts, but know this......... your brain is still growing. You are not who you were at age 6, you will not be who you are at 16 when your 26. By then you will at times be cringing at some of your mistakes, beliefs and values. Calm down and give yourself the opportunity to grow. Keep your thoughts to yourself but feel free to come on this site and blunder around. Remember..... this is your tribe..... ExJWs and fading JW's. We've all been where you are now. Amazingly..... you are so much younger then those of us who walked away.

    Think about it.......... your voice and your concerns have reached thousands of ex JWs world wide at this point

    And know this........ we will put up with you........ if you can put up with us. We will be wrong some of the times, as you will be....... but you will not be thrown under the bus.

  • sinboi

    yhwh = allah = evil or maybe they are the same d.o.g

    I have often told my friends that ISIS is not worshipping god but worshipping the devil.

    Just recently, I watch a film on WW2 and saw japanese soldiers snatching babies from the mother, throw the baby up in the air and pierce the baby with the bayonet. I was so worked up that I shouted 'Animal!'

    When I was told to read Deut 13, before I read it, I knew that it must have something to do with killing pagan believers. So I am prepared b4 I read it. So true enough, they were instructed to kill the inhabitants of the land even the cattle.... what? even the cattles? What about the babies then? Scenes of japanese soldiers killing babies flood my mind again.

    I tell ppl that ISIS is worshipping the devil. Who then have I been worshipping for the past 16 years?

    Now I understand why Hitler wants to exterminate the jews! if WW3 break out, the jews and japanese need to be exterminated too!!!

    Look at the pic below. This was in Nanking during WW2. Now visualized that this same thing has happen in ancient israel and it was instructed by that evil d.o.g yhwh!!!!!

  • sinboi

    He is powerful. SO WHAT??? I wouldn't worship someone I can't respect. Kill me now! I don't want to see how he kill babies at armeggedon!!! evil d.o.g! worst than animals!

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    ....or maybe the stories in the Bible and Quran were made up by humans to rationalize their atrocious actions?

    A human who wages war and kills others is evil....unless he claims it's by God's command. Then the same evil actions suddenly seem to become 'righteous' (at least in the eyes of his fellow believers).

    Don't freak have your whole life before you to decide whether you believe in any gods or not, and what their qualities are...

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